API & Webhooks

Automate Processes and Reduce IT load with Scalefusion Developer API and Webhooks

Integrate software, internal applications with Scalefusion developer API and get quick and direct access to your managed device inventory and efficiently perform actions on the devices.


What is Scalefusion
Developer API?

Scalefusion Developer API is a set of APIs that enables software developers to easily integrate inhouse business applications with Scalefusion MDM. Using the Scalefusion Developer API, IT Admins can efficiently manage their devices and streamline their workflows without a back-and-forth between the Scalefusion dashboard and internal applications.

Android MDM SDK

Maximize Your Enterprise App's Potential with Scalefusion Advanced API Collection

Simplify your Enterprise Application development with a secure and robust collection of APIs. Now perform actions within the app without having to navigate to different applications, saving the cognitive IT load and time spent on rewriting the application codes.

  • Launch Wifi Screen

  • Toggle Mobile Data, Hotspot, Flight Mode, Status/Notification bar

  • Install Pending APKs and Local APKs

  • Reboot the Device

  • Lock the Device

  • Power-off/Shutdown of the device

Get Direct Access and Perform Actions on Managed Devices with Scalefusion API

Easily integrate software and internal applications with Scalefusion, and manage device inventory without the need to skip between software and the Scalefusion dashboard. Enable IT Admins to quickly access and perform various actions on the managed devices.


Unlock full potential of Scalefusion with our powerful APIs

Retrieve Device Location History using Scalefusion API

Scalefusion API allows you to track the movement of your devices over time, giving you a comprehensive record of their last 10 locations in a single click. Scalefusion's API makes it easy to get the information you need, whether you're looking to monitor the movement of a fleet of company devices or want to keep track of device's exact locations.

Effortlessly Remove Device from Device Profiles

With Scalefusion API, removing devices from a device profile is a breeze. Simply use our API to specify the device ID and profile ID, and the device will be taken out of the profile in no time. This allows you to easily manage your device profiles and ensure that each device is assigned the right profile. Whether you're looking to remove a single device or multiple devices at once, Scalefusion API makes it easy to keep your device profiles organized and up-to-date.

Automate and simplify device management with Scalefusion's APIs


Scalefusion Webhooks: The Key to Streamlined Workflows

What is Webhook?

A webhook is a request sent from one system to another with updated data, just like an API. The major difference is that a webhook is an HTTP request, and the payload is delivered when information is available at the source system, reducing the number of requests made to the source server.

Leverage Scalefusion Webhooks for Smooth Operations and Flexible Automation

Scalefusion Webhooks provide a powerful tool for automating your processes and streamlining operations. With webhooks, you can trigger specific actions in your workflow based on events that occur within Scalefusion.


Send Automatic Notifications

Send a notification to your team when a new device is enrolled or automatically update device settings when a policy is changed. This flexible automation can help you save time and resources and ensure that your devices are always running smoothly.


Monitor Device Activity

With the help of webhooks, you can send a notification when a device connects to an unsecured WiFi network or block access to certain websites or apps based on usage patterns.


Integrating with other System

Use webhooks to automatically create a ticket in a ticketing system when a device is reported lost or stolen or to send a message to a chat tool when a new device is enrolled.


Automate Actions on Devices

Automatically create a ticket in a ticketing system when a device is reported lost or stolen or send a message to a chat tool when a new device is enrolled.

Maximize device management capabilities with Scalefusion API and Webhooks