Enhance Your Customer Experience and Boost Delivery Performance

A robust Mobile Device Management solution can empower your last-mile delivery and logistics framework with enhanced efficiency and proven productivity like never before.

Take Control of Your Last-mile Delivery & Eliminate the Challenges

Managed mobile devices integrated with enterprise apps like ePoD empower the delivery-men of the last-mile logistics companies to become competitive, productive and agile. But the following can pose challenges.

  • Lack of real-time coordination between drivers & IT admins
  • Lack of visibility of the field workforce and their location
  • Improper device access control
  • Lack of convenience in accessing information by drivers
  • Lack of knowledge about travel routes, address, traffic etc.
  • Intervention from irrelevant apps and information
  • Insufficient record-keeping of delivered items by drivers

Enhance Your Business Outputs with
Accuracy, Flexibility, and Efficiency

A flawless MDM solution to accelerate productivity and performance of your last-mile delivery with easy device management, improved order processing, and enhanced customer service.

MDM for Last-mile

Proactive Field Communication

Converse with your delivery-men & solve device issues through integrated VoIP calling, two-way chat & notifications, using our Communication suite.

MDM for Last-mile

Safety and Compliance First

Monitor your drivers, goods, and vehicles to ensure compliance with government regulations and internal company policies.

MDM for Last-mile

Go Paperless

Securely send and receive your documents anywhere anytime using Scalefusion. Make transactions easier for your drivers and fleet managers.

MDM for Last-mile

Remote Connection and Support

Solve device issues and simply device maintenance remotely using remote cast & control feature with VoIP call and two-way chat.

MDM for Last-mile

Device Lockdown & Remote Management

Lockdown the devices into single or multi-app mode and focus on what matters the most to your business.

MDM for Last-mile

App and Content Management

IT admin can remotely control devices by managing, updating, uninstalling and distributing apps and content to the device holders.

MDM for Last-mile

Real-Time Device Tracking

Gain real-time visibility of your devices through real-time location tracking to ensure on-time delivery and enhance customer service quality.

MDM for Last-mile

Flexibility and Security

Flexible, easy and remote device enrolling & management. The IT admin can remotely be notified about any security incidents.

MDM for Last-mile

Provide Access Control

Safeguard your data and increase delivery efficiency by controlling access to specific websites, apps, and documents.

Solve Your Mobility Challenges and Boost Your Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

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Leverage our MDM Solution for Proven Industry Benefits

Optimized Delivery Management

Real-time communication, data sharing and access control optimize the efficiency of delivery-men.

Improved Customer Experience

On-time delivery by efficient drivers guided by managed smartphones boosts customer experience.

Enhanced Employee Efficiency

Kiosk-mode enabled devices drive on-time task and accurate delivery without distractions.

Unlock Your True Business Potential with Scalefusion

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