MDM for Logistics

Set Wheels to Your Logistics Operations

Drive faster delivery, improve customer experience and optimize supply-chain cycles with the power of Scalefusion

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Manage the Key Roadblocks Encountered While using Mobile Devices in your Logistics Operations.

Location tracking

Know Where Your Assets Are, All the Time

With the expanding organizational infrastructure, keeping a close-eye on your entire device inventory is difficult. Scalefusion makes it easy.

  • Track device location in real-time

  • Carve down the device location history to derive meaningful insights

  • Create geofences and be alerted on geofence breaches

  • Automate tasks based on geofence

Get More Control Over Your Devices Without Spending a Fortune

Remote Troubleshooting

Provide Roadside Assistance, Virtually

Mitigate device errors hampering the operations of your logistics fields. This could be an app level or a device level error- fix it without having to bring it back to the service center.

  • Mirror device screens on the admin dashboard

  • Push files, take control and navigate on the device as if handheld

  • Extend step-by-step instructions over VoIP call

  • Create context-aware support tickets on integrated ITSM

Kiosk Lockdown

See Your Driver Productivity Soar

Don’t let out of sight, be out of mind. Help your employees be productive, focussed and engaged.

  • Lock your devices to business apps

  • Block access to non-business websites

  • Make corporate resources, files readily available on devices

Location History

Shortest Path

Optimized routes help you save unnecessary path retracing. With Scalefusion, you can obtain insights into the route history, find the best paths to save costs and ensure speedy deliveries to improve customer satisfaction.


Guards Up, at All

  • Enforce VPN for connecting to unknown networks

  • Block content sharing outside corporate contacts

  • Leverage password complexity and receive quick alerts on wrong passcode attempts

  • Enable factory reset protection to protect lost or stolen devices

Manage your on-field devices with Scalefusion MDM

Bulk Enrollment & DeepDive

Zero-touch and
Full-proof Management

  • Drive faster enrollment process with bulk enrollment methods

  • Create device groups and subgroups for selective policy applications

  • Offload device management with role-based access on the dashboard


Be ELD Ready

Install Electronic Logging Devices on your trucking and commercial devices. Maintain digital records of Hours of Service (HOS) and Records of Duty Status (RODS). Help your drivers stay focused on the road. Lock the devices deployed to logistics employees to the Electronic Logbook App- block the rest.

Get the Ball Rolling for Your Trucking and Transportation Business