Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Secure and Advanced
Role-Based Access Control

Define roles and permissions, provide enhanced security, and improve compliance and regulations. Enable flexible addition and removal of users, change roles and permissions, and adapt to changing business needs.


Benefits of Role Based Access Control

Enhanced Security

Define roles and permissions and ensure only authorized access to specific resources and data. Prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.

Simplified Administration

Centralize access control and management, make it easier for IT teams to manage and maintain a secure mobile device environment.

Greater Flexibility

Allow organizations to easily add and remove users, and change roles and permissions.

Better Tracking and Auditing

Provide detailed logs of user activity, making it easier to track and audit access to resources and data.

Improved Compliance

Help your organization comply with regulations such as HIPAA by controlling access to sensitive data.

Advanced Security Features

Options
Provider

Configure SAML based Sign In or integrate your On-Prem AD as the sign in provider. The admins in your organization can sign in to the Scalefusion dashboard using the Sign In provider credentials.

Email Verification

Get a unique one time verification code on your registered email ID after the validation of your password for extra security.

Google Authenticator

Use Google Authenticator to generate new and unique verification codes for every login to the Scalefusion Dashboard.

Password Policy and
Session Timeout
Configure Password Complexity

Set rules for minimum passcode requirements like length, number of digits, number of symbols, and minimum lower and upper case alphabets.

Password Expiry and History

Set the password expiry period and the number of old passwords that cannot be reused.

Lock Account on Invalid Sign-in

Lock the account on multiple invalid sign-in attempts, set the lock duration, and send unlock instructions over the registered email ID.

Configure Email Alerts

Get email notifications on your desired email for all invalid Sign-In attempts.

Session Login and Timeout

Enable the users to sign in to the dashboard from multiple devices at the same time and set the session timeout duration for automatic sign-out.

Harness the Power of RBAC with
Pre-defined and Custom Roles

Group Admin

Give read-only or read-and-write permissions to admins for devices enrolled in groups.

Device Admin

Grant read-only or read-and-write permissions to admins for all devices enrolled in the account.

Co-Account Manager

Assign the admin full account access by making him or her the Co-Account Manager.

Custom Roles

Create custom roles and enable or disable permissions as per your organizational needs.

Distribute your IT workload with RBAC