Digital Signage Kiosk

Digital Signage Kiosk Software For Better Customer Experience

Turn your Android, iOS & Windows devices into a powerful digital signage kiosk with Scalefusion. Remotely display images, videos and run presentations in a loop to easily engage your audience.

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Digital signage Kiosk Management

Why Scalefusion is the Ultimate Digital Signage Solution

Manage Your Digital Signage Seamlessly with the Best Management and Security Features of Scalefusion. Select a Single App or Multiple Apps to Lock Branded Digital Signage and Deliver Unparalleled Customer Experiences.

Support for Multiple File Format

Upload and display PNG, JPEG, JPG GIF & MP4 files on devices.

Play Content in a Loop

Create and set the presentation in a loop and display content without any user interaction.

Set Time Interval

Speed up or slow down your presentation by choosing an interval between videos and images.

Configure Screensaver

Play business content on the screen when the device is not used for business purposes.

Enforce Landscape Mode

Offer better viewing experience by enforcing landscape mode on iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets.

Digital Signage Management Starts with Scalefusion

Modern Businesses Require
Modern Digital Signage Management

Showcase your products and services, attract customer eyeballs and drive engagement to your business with a Digital Signage Kiosk. Remotely configure and manage digital signage inventory with Scalefusion.

Effortless Content, Exceptional Results With Scalefusion's Digital Signage Solution

  • Display advertisements, videos, product images or any content related to your business

  • Manage a network of remote Android, iOS and Windows 10 screens with an easy-to-use admin dashboard

  • Upload the content to the dashboard or host it on Google Drive and push it on the devices

  • With Kiosk Mode, restrict users from changing system settings and lock the device to the presentation mode.

  • Stream live content via screening devices such as Android TV Boxes & Sticks

Remote Troubleshooting for Digital Signage

No More Trouble with Troubleshooting. Do it All Remotely.

Virtually troubleshoot device issues just as you would physically, even without end user presence. Capture screenshots, take screen recordings, sync files, resolve issues via VoIP calls, create support tickets, and more.

  • Reduce device downtime

  • Provide issue resolutions faster

  • Save on-site troubleshooting expenses

  • Delete files from the device if required

  • Push files or download files for inspection

  • Remotely cast device screens on Scalefusion’s dashboard

How Does Scalefusion Presentation Mode Work?

Scalefusion Presentation mode enables you to manage a digital signage kiosk and its content distribution in three simple steps from the dashboard.

Upload Content

Simply upload or insert the URL of a Google Drive to upload the content of your choice.

Create Presentation

Add the uploaded content, set the order & apply properties before saving the presentation.


Edit the saved presentation if needed and publish it to device groups or devices with a simple click.

Take Control of Your Digital Signage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital signage is a digital screen that displays information, messages, multimedia images, videos or presentations. Digital signage is used by businesses for informational or advertising purposes.

Digital signage works through kiosk management. IT administrators configure the devices to kiosk mode and manage content and device on/off, track location and device security and troubleshoot devices remotely through an MDM dashboard.

Cost-effective method for advertising and branding, easily deployable, saves cost, provides remote connectivity, runs content presentations and videos, real-time digital content and updates, one medium for all kinds of content and large public reach.

Yes. You can use your own content to display on digital signage by remotely pushing it through the centralized console. You can remotely manage, update and display the content on digital signage without the need to reach the devices physically.

Security concerns with digital signage can be devices being misused or stolen as they are unattended devices. An IT admin can track the location and remotely wipe data when the digital signage is remotely managed and controlled using an MDM.

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