The Journey From MobiLock to Scalefusion

Hello Everyone,

MobiLock is now Scalefusion! We have a new name and a new brand identity.

With Scalefusion we will move away from being just another player in this segment to be a trendsetter and reimagine the Enterprise Device Management space!

Over the last couple of years, we have grown from being an Android-based Kiosk Lockdown Solution into a full-blown MDM solution with considerable UEM capabilities. This evolution was possible due to a strong product roadmap, valuable customer feedback, dynamic market demands and our ability to adapt to the market needs. With Scalefusion we will continue on this path of constant innovation that will truly reimagine the entire Enterprise Device Management space!

We want to assure our customers, partners, and resellers that this rebranding will not have any impact on their MobiLock subscription or account information, enrolled devices, data, device policies, and account settings. Also, there will be no effect on their business operations.

The Transformation – Scalefusion will have IT all covered

Scalefusion will focus on solving the IT managers’ problems around quicker device provisioning, enforcing dynamic policies, device & data security, remote device troubleshooting, enterprise communications and intuitive visualization of all devices.

We are excited to introduce Scalefusion InterOps, a set of capabilities that are tightly integrated with our MDM solution. It will help IT managers streamline the entire device management operations and support the modern workforce with seamless integration with other business solutions and driving effective synergy across business divisions.

We believe that Scalefusion will empower the IT managers - making their life easy and hassle-free so they can focus on driving flawless IT processes that are strategic to the business continuity.

The Philosophy behind Scalefusion

MobiLock started as a Kiosk Lockdown Solution and the name MobiLock Pro primarily includes three parts - ‘mobi’ signifies the mobile devices, ‘lock’ means the kiosk lockdown mode and ‘pro’ signifies the professional version. In sync with MobiLock’s evolution, we contemplated a name-change – especially, a name that would not create a ‘lock’ in our customers’ minds about the product.

We collectively loved the name ‘Scalefusion’ (apart from the fact that the .com domain was readily available 😉) - it is abstract, dynamic and ambiguous. We believe the word Scalefusion is all-encompassing and connotes a fusion of device management at scale from a single platform.

We thank all our customers, partners and resellers for being with us throughout our journey. With your continuous support, we hope to continue this journey of growth, passion, and innovation!

Warm Regards,

Harishankar, Arnab & MobiLock Team

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