You can sign up and use Scalefusion EMM & add the unlimited number of devices for free, for the initial 14 days. After that, you can choose any of the plans as per your personal or business requirements. Please check our pricing section for more details.
Whitelisted websites allow only specific websites to be accessible, and does not allow the user to navigate to any other site. This feature creates a shortcut icon of the website and displays it on the device. Once this is opened, the URL cannot be changed to access a different website. Note that whitelisted website feature only works with - Scalefusion Browser, do make sure that you have enabled Scalefusion Browser.
Yes you can, while creating a Device Admin you can define roles and restrictions for what they can do in the admin dashboard, all the activities of the Device Admin's are logged and exposed to Account Owner for auditing purpose.
Device profiles allow you to preselect blocked/unblocked status of apps, whitelisted websites, branding and save them as a profile. You can later apply this preset profile to any device(s); this saves you a lot of time where multiple devices need to have the same functionality.
Any license you purchase is valid for one year, after which it must be renewed and the payment must be made again.
Yes. If you go to the Manage Licenses -> Plans, then you’ll notice a Build Your Own Plan Option. Enter the no. of devices you would like to license, and the rate will be calculated automatically.
Yes, we have the customized plan for bulk deployment (500+ devices). Please contact sales@mobilock.in for more info.
To unlink a device from an existing license, you need to login in to your admin panel, under Devices, click on the show more button and all device details will be displayed. Here, simply select the delete option. A confirmation message will be shown to you, click 'ok' if you wish to proceed. Note, this cannot be undone. Once the device is deleted, it is automatically unlinked from the license, and you are free to add a different device to the specified license.
The Minimum android version supported by Scalefusion is 4.0.3+ release i.e. Android API 15 onwards.
  • As of now you can add unlimited devices to your account.
  • As per the package you have selected, you can add the specified number of devices to your account. If you’d like to add more, you can upgrade your package.
Once you have created your account with Scalefusion backend, use the same credentials to sign in to the mobile app on the device. The device will automatically be added to your admin panel. If you have purchased license then you can use the license key to sign in as well.
The passcode can be changed only from the admin panel. Click on the device whose passcode you want to change. In the top panel you will see an “exit passcode” field. Click on the view button to view the passcode, and click on the edit button to change it. You can choose to apply this to all devices.
When you block an application from the Scalefusion Admin panel, it is no longer accessible on the device. Unblocked applications are the only ones accessible to the user.
  • A default application is one which automatically launches with Scalefusion starts on the device.
  • Even if the user quits the application, it will automatically re­launch after a delay. The delay lets you decide after how long you would want the default application to launch back.
Branding allows you to change certain features on the device when it is locked and Scalefusion is active on it, including the name visible at the top, the color of the top bar, the logo and the wallpaper. By placing custom brand on any device, the user of the device is automatically endorsing and supporting the brand, which helps build consumer's trust. Additionally, visual branding leaves a more lasting impression on the consumer.
Scalefusion provides an Enterprise Store through which you can distribute your own applications to your devices. Additionally we have partnerships with Samsung and LG which allows for automatic install/update/delete without user intervention. Just write to us at support@mobilock.in if you require access to the Enterprise Store
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