Android EMM Solution for a Modern Workforce

Manage corporate-owned and employee-owned Android devices used for work. Configure business apps and content, prevent unauthorized access and streamline performance of Android devices deployed for business.

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Secure, Manage Corporate-Owned & Employee Devices

Android EMM accounts allow IT administrator to remotely manage enterprise-level configurations for the BYOD as well as Corporate-Owned devices.

Set Corporate Policies on Devices

Use Corporate-Owned Android Devices for specific employees or public-facing scenarios with selected Apps, Content & Websites.

Strict Lockdown

Manage Devices with Selected Apps that can be used in Single App or Multi App Mode.

Control Application Permissions

Incorporate runtime permissions & policies silently on your Android EMM devices.

Browser Lockdown

Allows IT Admin to create a safe and secure browsing environment that your business needs.

Improved BYOD Management Strategy

Employees can keep their personal Apps, Data & Content separate from Work Data by enabling Android for Work profile.

Separate Apps & Data

Use your Android device for both work & play, as work applications are installed in the secure work container.

Set an Integrated Experience

Easily understand work-related notifications with the Briefcase icon present throughout the Android experience.

Enable Work Profile Passcode

Allows you to enforce a separate password for your Work Apps, to ensure that the access to Work Apps is protected by a password.

Device Enrollment in Minutes with Scalefusion

Make Manual Device Enrollment a thing of the past with easy mass deployment process for Android devices using Scalefusion streamlined Enrollment solutions.

Android EMM

Users can enroll devices that are out-of-the-box when the device prompts to enter your Gmail account, then enter afw#mobilock and tap Next.


Get a fleet of devices enrolled with Android Enterprise Mobility Managed account, allowing organizations to mobilize devices with ease.

QR Based

Enterprise Administrator can configure QR code with device policy & restrictions then send invitations via email to get devices enrolled.

How Android EMM Solution Secures your Businesses Data

Set Restrictions that lets you configure a wide range of policies as per your requirement.

Control Screen Capture

Restrict Employees from taking Screenshots of Work Apps.

Outgoing Phone Calls

Allow Admin to completely disable outgoing calls.

Corporate Document Control

Choose if Personal Apps can Access Corporate App Data.

Data Security

Choose if Personal Apps can Access Corporate App Data.

Wipe Enterprise Data on Device

Wipe Corporate Data remotely without hampering Personal Data.

Factory Reset Protection

Prevent misuse of devices against unauthorized Factory resets on the devices.

Application Management Done Right with Android EMM Solution

Application Management provides the ability to manage and distribute the apps using Managed Google Play & Securely distribute in-house apps to devices using Scalefusion Enterprise Store.

Scalefusion Application Management

Enterprise Application Management

Search, Approve and Publish apps from the Google Play Store on the devices that are configured with Enterprise Mobility Management.

Upload your Enterprise Apps

If your organization has private enterprise apk's, upload the app in the enterprise store to publish/install the apps on Android devices.

Leverage Secure Access to Enterprise Content with Scalefusion

Distribute your enterprise content safe and securely to your Android EMM devices with Scalefusion's FileDock App. Have access to all your office content on the go!

Supports Multiple File Format

Scalefusion’s MCM support various file formats. It supports doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, pdf, avi, mkv, 3gp, mp4, mp3, wav, 3ga, m4a, aac, ogg, amr & gif files.

Do more than Content Sharing

Scalefusion Content Management allows employees to access content remotely as well as privileges organizations to use the corporate-owned devices as Digital Signage Kiosks to improve employee engagement.

Scalefusion Content Management

Android EMM Made Easy with Scalefusion