Enhancements to Scalefusion Deployer: How does it benefit you?

Aired on February 27, 2024 | 5 PM IST

With the growing demand for Windows devices, the need to perform remote actions has grown significantly. To streamline IT tasks on such devices, we have now enhanced the Scalefusion Deployer.

It helps IT admins in managing Windows devices to perform multiple diverse actions via a single tool. With the Scalefusion Deployer, IT teams can generate a silent installer for the Scalefusion MDM agent or generate an MDM agent that can be used for auto-enrollment. This helps reduce the tedious deployment of apps, scripts, and command files, on every device, making it a one-time process for pushing multiple functions. We conducted an informative and detailed webinar that explores the benefits and use cases of Scalefusion Deployer for organizations. Watch it now!

Here's what you'll discover:

  • What did we ‘enhance’ to Scalefusion Deployer?

  • The benefits for your organization

  • How does it enhance Windows device management at your organization?

  • Real-world use cases & implementation scenarios

  • Frequently asked questions

Hosted By

Siya Joshi

Marketing Specialist