Effortless Unified Endpoint Management Solution

Harness the Power of Scalefusion to Manage the Endpoints of Today and Tomorrow

Scalefusion UEM simplifies device management and ensures unmatched device security and compliance. Our solution is designed to help you take control of your entire device fleet, whether you're managing smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, or IoT devices.

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Industry First GPT Powered AI Tool for Endpoint Management

Introducing Sage AI

Our Wisdom, Your IT Team, Powered by AI

Say hello to Sage AI- a GPT powered AI tool that revolutionizes endpoint management for IT teams. Take the control in your hands and manage your endpoints the smarter way.

Script with Sage AI

IT Admins can easily specify their requirements, and Sage AI's machine-learning algorithms analyze existing scripts to generate new ones in seconds. Sage AI can also remember previous conversations with IT Admins, allowing for quick and easy updates to existing scripts. With Sage AI, IT Admins no longer need to spend hours searching the internet for the right script - instead, they can generate custom scripts instantly, right from within the Scalefusion dashboard

Stage with Sage AI

Stage with Sage AI helps IT Admins understand the capabilities of their uploaded scripts. When IT Admins upload a script, Sage AI can analyze it and provide a summary of its functionality, allowing the IT Admin to understand exactly what the script does. This helps ensure that the IT Admin is using the right script for the right task and can troubleshoot issues quickly. With Sage AI, IT Admins can have a better understanding of their custom scripts, reducing errors and streamlining the device management process.

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Simplifier la gestion des appareils et gagner en visibilité
sur des appareils divers


La gestion des appareils peut être complexe et fastidieuse. Pour les entreprises qui adoptent divers appareils mobiles avec différents systèmes d'exploitation et modèles de propriété, plusieurs heures informatiques sont nécessaires pour l'approvisionnement, la gestion et le maintien de la sécurité. Scalefusion aide à gagner en visibilité et rationalise les contrôles informatiques sur ces appareils.

Android Management

Effortless management of any endpoint running on Android, from phones to custom devices.

Windows Management

Manage Windows 10 & 11 as well as legacy devices running on Windows 7 and 8.

Apple Management

Manage Apple Devices running on macOS and iOS. From MacBooks to iPhones & iPads secure everything.

Linux Management

Seamlessly manage Linux based desktops, laptops, servers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Why Choose Scalefusion?

One Platform.
Three Reasons to Choose.

Best-in-Class Technology

Experience the next level of control and security over all your endpoints. Our enterprise-grade automation and features enable organizations to remotely manage and configure devices, deploy updates and patches, and enforce security policies.

Industry Recognitions

Scalefusion is a proud Leader in Mobile Device & Endpoint management market. We have been recognized by some of the esteemed authorities such as Gartner, GigaOm & G2. Our continuous efforts and exceptional performance further cements our position as a leader in G2 Winter 2023 category.

User-First Solution

Scalefusion prioritizes a user-first approach to Unified Endpoint Managament (UEM) solutions. Our platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, while providing comprehensive Management and free customer support.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

We believe power comes from simplicity

Our clutter-free dashboard makes it extremely easy to manage your mobile devices and endpoints and to perform day to day operations.

Quick and DeepInsights

Want a bird-eye's view of inventory? With Scalefusion DeepDive you can monitor device analytics, battery, data and storage usage. Keep a check on the security incidents.

Real Device Insights, In Real Time

Actionable insights into what really matters. Obtain a comprehensive and real-time summary of your device inventory along with real-time data about the device health, security, data usage, compliance, and other crucial information.


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Security & Compliance

Stay Secure & Compliant End-to-End

We understand the significance of data privacy and how critical it is to our customers and their customers and patrons. To ensure seamless operations, security, privacy and compliance needs to be coherent.

Enterprise Data Security for Managed Devices

Scalefusion delivers enterprise-grade security and compliance. Secure your corporate-owned devices from malware and attacks. Protect corporate data against misuse and unauthorized access.

Certifications & Compliances

Scalefusion is ISO and SOC-2 certified and is HIPPA and GDPR compliant. We ensure that the customers data is protected without any lapses in the security. You’re safe with us.

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Assistance gratuite

Bénéficiez d'une assistance spécialisée tout au long de l'année. Communiquez avec notre équipe d'assistance par chat en direct et faites entendre votre requête immédiatement.

Consultation avant-vente

Demandez l'aide de nos experts en implémentation MDM pour votre cas d'utilisation spécifique à votre entreprise. Explorez des solutions sur mesure et résolvez vos questions avant même de vous inscrire.

Services professionnels

Tirez parti de nos services professionnels, notamment la formation, le conseil et les services sur mesure pour la mise en œuvre de MDM dans votre organisation.

Empowering Companies to Manage Devices Across Multiple Locations and Countries

For ambitious companies around the world with a fast-growing device count, managing a large number of devices across multiple locations and countries can be a daunting task. It involves dealing with different regulations, varying levels of connectivity, and diverse hardware and software requirements.

With Scalefusion UEM, companies can easily manage their devices, irrespective of their location or operating system. Couple that with our acclaimed support and you are set. Be it a single-country deployment or a global rollout across geographies, we've got you covered.

Partenaires OEM

Notre partenariat avec des fournisseurs de technologies de pointe nous permet de fournir une sécurité robuste et des capacités supplémentaires de gestion des appareils. Devenez notre partenaire OEM pour intégrer vos systèmes matériels ou logiciels avec Scalefusion et fournir une solution plus complète à vos clients.

An award-winning MDM Solution. Loved by customers.


Positioned in the Midmarket Context: Magic Quadrant for UEM by Gartner


Scalefusion MDM Listed #36 in G2’s list of the Best IT Management Products for 2023

*Scalefusion is a product of ProMobi Technologies


G2 recognized Scalefusion as Leader in Winter 2023

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