Shared Devices & User-Based Profiles

Shared Device Mode Across Operating Systems

Refine employee productivity while reducing device inventory with Shared Devices with user switching on shared Android, Windows & Mac devices without affecting device policies or users.

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Scalefusion AER

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Android 上で実行されるすべてのものをセキュリティと自信を持って管理します。当社は現在、Android Enterprise 推奨 EMM ソリューションです。

What are Shared Devices?

Shared (company-owned) devices are tablets, smartphones or desktops owned by the organization and shared among two or more employees. They serve as essential tools across various environments, such as manufacturing units, shopping malls, retail stores, libraries, educational institutions, healthcare facilities etc.


Device Sharing with User-Based Profile Switch

Setup devices to automatically configure based on the logged-in user ensuring that only right users have access to the devices. IT admins can also factor in log-in and log-out processes with predefined shift timings using shared device mode.


Powerful Capabilities to Transform Device Sharing for Organizations

Optimize collaborative workflows with shared devices for Android, Windows & Mac. Streamline processes, supercharge productivity, and enable shift-based device usage. Enable secure access to shared devices, efficient usage tracking, and seamless remote device management.


Allow Devices to be Shared within a Group

All the users added to one particular group can easily share devices and conveniently switch between profiles using the sign-in/out feature.


Compliance Actions for Shared Devices

Log off a user if they are not authorized to use the device. Set an auto-logoff duration that automatically logs off users post due-time.


Allow Multi-Device Login

This setting allows IT admins to control if a user is allowed to log in from multiple devices at the same time.


Configure Alert Message

Display a personalized message to users on shared devices 5 minutes prior to their scheduled automatic sign-out.


Clear Data on Sign-In

Clear app data of allowed apps after every successful user signs in on shared devices.


User Authentication

Allow only authorized users to access the shared device with an email address and OTP-based authentication.

Employee Device Sharing That Feels Like Their Own

Maximizing Efficiency with Shared Devices

Scalefusion UEM helps IT admins enroll, configure, and manage shared Android, shared windows and shared Mac devices across industries with ease. Incorporating shared devices mode can benefit both organizations and their IT teams.


Save Costs

By implementing shared devices, organizations can reduce hardware costs, minimize device maintenance expenses, and optimize resource utilization.


Improve Productivity

Shared device mode allows employees to have quick access to resources to stay productive and be on top of their tasks.


Easy Maintenance

Scalefusion UEM allows IT admins to remotely monitor device health and troubleshoot issues to ensure devices are functioning at optimal levels.

Make Informed Decisions with Accurate Device & User Reports

Monitor user activities and ensure optimal usage of shared devices. Keep track of what's happening on these devices and address any issues that may arise.

android shared devices mode

Download Reports

Download Custom CSV by selecting only useful data like Sign-In time, Sign-Out time, and Signed-In user.


Device Reports

Filter down reports to a single device or all the devices within the selected User Group.


User Reports

Get reports to show details about a single user or all users in the selected User Group.

Leverage Shared Device Mode for Your Frontline Workforce








Transportation & Logistics





Optimize the Usage of Shared Company-Owned Devices and Reduce Costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Scalefusion offers IT admins the option of deleting personal and app data of individual users after every session. Thus, any new user logging into the same device will not have access to data of the previous user. This ensures data privacy for each user on all shared devices.

IT admins can monitor their shared devices for Android, Windows and Mac remotely from the Scalefusion dashboard. With automated workflows, they can ensure policy compliance and data/device security at all times. Changes to policies can also be incorporated as and when required.

Yes, such shared devices can be used in highly regulated industries like healthcare. IT admins can create compliance workflows and set policies for shared device mode from the Scalefusion dashboard. This ensures strict compliance at all times. Any noncompliance action can be flagged and necessary action can be taken.

Tracking shift timings and attendance of employees using shared device mode is possible via the Scalefusion dashboard. IT admins can view reports of shared devices and track device log-in and log-out times. They can also set predefined timings for each session after which users are logged out prior to being notified about the same.

Shared devices can be employed in a range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, logistics, warehousing, and transportation, among others. In essence, any organization working in multiple shifts can leverage the benefits of sharing devices.

With Scalefusion, organizations can make the most of shared device mode for employees working in shifts. IT admins can create shared device profiles and enroll the required devices into these profiles. Corporate policies can be applied thereafter and users can then be added to start sharing devices.