Device and User Enrollment as Simple as It Can Get

Enroll devices over the air, initiate out of the box policy application for Android, Apple & Windows devices. Drive bulk device enrollment and make the device provisioning easy and straightforward.

Over the Air Device Enrollment, Out of the Box Policy Application

Onboard enterprise-owned devices into corporate policies with zero-touch. Ship provisioned devices straight to the employees.

Android Zero-touch Enrollment

Enroll Android devices over the air with Scalefusion & Google’s Android Zero-touch. Apply corporate policies & configurations in bulk without manually maneuvering the devices. Configure devices loaded with business apps & enable employees to start using them straight out of the box.

Apple DEP Enrollment

Extend a seamless unboxing experience for iOS and macOS devices. With Scalefusion support for Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) enrollment, empower IT admins to enroll, configure & equip the devices using Apple Business Manager. Apply corporate policies, configure restrictions, distribute apps using VPP (Volume Purchase Program) & ship devices directly from the warehouse to employees.

Windows Autopilot

Seamlessly enroll Windows laptops and desktops using Windows Autopilot program. Pre-configure new devices or reset and repurpose devices to make them business-ready. Automatically join devices to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) or Active Directory (via Hybrid Azure AD Join).

Samsung KME-based Enrollment

Samsung Knox streamlines enrollment of Samsung devices with KME-based enrollment. Integrated with Scalefusion, easily roll out policy configurations & automatically enroll devices in bulk. End-users can start using devices with pre-applied policies & restrictions.

ROM-based Enrollment

Scalefusion partners with OEMs to extend Scalefusion as an in-built application. With customized ROMs, devices are enrolled automatically on powering. Devices are loaded with pre-configured policies & restrictions via the Scalefusion app.

Bulk Device Enrollment for Diverse Device Types

Speed up policy application on the devices with bulk device enrollment. Create policies, push apps and content and get started with device management.

QR code-based Enrollment

Streamline device setup in a few simple steps. Admins and users can simply scan a QR code and policies will be automatically applied on iOS & Android devices.

EMM Token Enrollment (AFW#)

Enroll company-owned Android devices when they are unboxed or after a factory reset. Perform six taps on the device screen and scan a QR Code.

Serial Number-based Enrollment

Upload a CSV of serial numbers of Android devices on the Scalefusion dashboard. Enroll devices, apply policies and restrictions in bulk.

IMEI-based Enrollment

Enroll Android devices by adding IMEI numbers and apply policies against each device in a straightforward CSV sheet. Add devices to specific groups and apply policy configurations without manual intervention.

Enrollment Using Apple Configurator

Supervise non-DEP devices or unsupervised devices using Apple Configurator 2 (AC2) and enroll the devices into Scalefusion using Apple Business Manager. Supervision of devices can be done by plugging in the device to a Mac and AC2 app. Once the device is supervised, apply policies & configure restrictions over the air.

Simplify BYOD Enrollment

Make way for provisioning employee-owned devices. Choose from a variety of options to start enrolling BYO devices on the Scalefusion dashboard.

Email-based Enrollment (For BYOD)

Invite users to enrollment over email. Users can enroll the devices with email ID and can complete the verification with OTP authentication received in email.

Azure Active Directory-based Enrollment

Sign up using Office 365 Active Directory and can invite users from their Active Directory accounts. Users can self-enroll using QR code or Email-based enrollment.

G Suite-based

Get started with G Suite integration on Scalefusion. Import and invite users from the G Suite Directory and enable users to self-enroll devices.

Get Started with Simplified Device Enrollment and Provisioning With Scalefusion

Frequently Asked Questions

MDM solutions various device enrollment methods. Some of the common MDM device enrollment methods are:

  • Android Zero-touch

  • Apple ADE

  • Windows Autopilot

Some MDM solutions also offer Samsung KME-based enrollment and ROM-based enrollment.

User enrollment is a method that associates a user's identity with a device, allowing for personalized access and security settings tailored to the individual. Device enrollment, on the other hand, registers the device itself, often used for managing corporate devices with uniform policies. User enrollment focuses on the user experience and individual security, while device enrollment emphasizes the management and security of the device as a whole.

To enroll devices in mobile device management (MDM), the organization must have an MDM platform configured with appropriate policies. Devices must be compatible and run a supported OS version. Additionally, necessary security certificates must be installed, and users should be aware of the enrollment process, including any required app installations.

With Apple ADE, IT admins can enroll, configure and equip the devices using Apple Business Manager. It enables you to apply corporate policies, configure restrictions, distribute apps using VPP (Volume Purchase Program) and ship devices directly from warehouse to employees.

If there is an issue during device enrollment, first ensure the device meets MDM compatibility and OS requirements. Check user credentials for accuracy. Review and install any necessary security certificates. Restart the device and retry enrollment.