Desktop Management Solution

Desktop management software that secures and manages computers remotely

A single solution for all your Windows and Mac device management. Manage and secure all your desktops throughout their lifecycle without compromising the end user experience.

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A centralized platform to manage them all

Scalefusion Desktop Management Software gives IT admins the power and flexibility to gain control over the desktops in their organizations.


Enroll all your desktops in bulk with Windows Autopilot, Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager. Speed up the device enrollment process with Active Directory integrations.

Conditional Email Access

Add an extra layer of security by allowing corporate email access only on Scalefusion managed desktops. IT admins can also allow users a grace period to enroll their devices before restricting access.

Application Management

Push business apps onto your Windows devices and restrict access to unwanted apps. Leverage the Scalefusion Enterprise App Store to provision your corporate apps on all your managed desktops.

Identify and patch vulnerabilities with automated Patch Management

With Scalefusion's automated patch management, you can take a proactive approach to device security and keep your devices running smoothly and securely. Scalefusion Desktop Management solution helps ensure that your devices are up-to-date and secure.

Latest updates

Update OS and drivers at the device or device group level automatically.

Optimized IT Efforts

Reduce cognitive IT load by automatically updating all endpoints simultaneously.

Enhanced Security

Identify and apply OS patches that can assess, identify, and remediate vulnerabilities with precision and speed.

Improved Visibility

Track the status of the patches and download reports for the updates that are available/installed.

Force Reboot

Once the updates are patched, force reboot the devices and get them up and running quickly without interfering with business operations.

Save Costs

No need to invest in a third-party patching server to achieve patch management for Windows.

remote desktop management

Experience uninterrupted troubleshooting on your desktops with remote control.

Put your IT admins in control of the desktop devices and perform troubleshooting operations remotely.

  • Bit locker and FileVault Encryption

  • Screenshots & Screen Recording

  • Unattended Remote Control

  • ITSM Integrations like JIRA & FreshService

Maximize data security with Scalefusion Desktop Management Software

Secure your endpoints with powerful security features, including data encryption, advanced passcode configuration and many more.

  • Bit locker and FileVault Encryption

  • Airdrop Restrictions

  • Peripheral Control

  • Passcode Configuration

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Industry-leading features

Shared Devices

Set up a collaborative workforce by sharing Mac and Windows devices between employees. Automatically configure devices based on logged-in users and ensure that devices are always ready for the next user.

Scalefusion Deployer

Reduce the manual deployment of apps, scripts, and CMD files, making it a one-time process for pushing multiple functions.

Certificate Management

Manage your certificates with Scalefusion and relieve your IT admins from individually provisioning devices with the required certificates.


Perform instant actions on your desktops with Windows PowerShell scripting and macOS Shell scripting integration.

Manage your endpoints effectively with Scalefusion

Secure browsing experience with enhanced controls

Security protocols that are transparent to users but designed to protect your organizational assets

Restricted Access

Cookie Management

History Management


Manage Flash Plug-Ins

Popup Management

User Data Retention

Youtube Restrictions

Designed to Integrate all your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Desktop management is a broad approach to managing and securing all the computers within an organization. It is a part of the larger field of device management which includes desktops, laptops, tablets, and other end-user computing devices used in an organization.

As the number of devices and their users grow, the need to manage, monitor and secure computer devices becomes critical and sometimes overwhelming for IT departments. Desktop management streamlines key administrative functions, enables IT resources to focus on more critical activities, reduces operational costs and improves end-user efficiency.

Desktop management ensures that devices function efficiently using its core capabilities: application management, user management, identity and access management(IAM) and policy creation. Its major functions include provisioning, tracking, reporting, theft prevention, and remote access support.

Remote desktop management centralizes, manages and secures multiple remote desktop connections by providing visibility into devices used for corporate work. While employees work remotely, the tool helps in ensuring streamlined device administration, data protection, performance analysis, update management and a higher level of security.

To choose the right desktop management software, consider the following: supported operating systems, supported device types, administrative features, security features, automation capabilities and post-sales support. Consider these factors to shuffle and trickle down to a budget-friendly one.

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