Scalefusion Android COPE

Your Device, Your Rules, Our Security

Achieve the balance between user privacy and work productivity on company-owned devices. Enable your employees to own a single device for work and personal use with Scalefusion Android COPE/WPCO mode.

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Scalefusion AER

Scalefusion は Android Enterprise 推奨です

Android 上で実行されるすべてのものをセキュリティと自信を持って管理します。当社は現在、Android Enterprise 推奨 EMM ソリューションです。


Embrace the Freedom: COPE Your Way

The COPE (Corporate owned, personally enabled) mode for Android allows you to make the best out of your CO (Company-owned) devices by creating separate containers for work and personal use. Unlike BYO (Bring Your Own) devices, you have the flexibility to enforce organization-specific COPE policies on the devices with ease.

Optimize Device Management

Reduce the number of devices carried by employees with COPE management

Harness Dual Use Potential

Leverage COPE Android devices for work and personal use

Elevate Privacy Measures

Establish data-secure personal profiles for enhanced confidentiality

Fortify Data Protection

Get encrypted work containers for enhanced security

Enable Everywhere Workplace

Facilitate a secure work environment anywhere with configurable settings

Make a Green Impact

Contribute to the environment by encouraging the use of a single COPE device

Unleash the Versatility Factor with Scalefusion Android COPE/WPCO

Push company policies on personal profiles without hampering user privacy
  • Configure personal usage schedule and timeframe for your COPE devices

  • Configure the maximum number of days that the work profile can be disabled for

  • Remove personal data if the work profile is off for more than the configured day limit

  • Enable seamless personalization on devices while maintaining corporate policies and security protocols

Maintain end-to-end data security on your work profiles with Android for work COPE mode
  • Streamline app management and distribution to ensure employees have access to the right tools.

  • Enforce company policies to safeguard against unauthorized access and maintain compliance.

  • Keep your company’s data encrypted and ensure complete data security

  • Protect sensitive corporate data by implementing robust security measures and compliance standards.

Implement a secure Android Enterprise COPE mode in your organization

Make the Most Out of Your Android COPE/WPCO devices


Communication settings

  • Disable outgoing calls & SMS

  • Prohibit Bluetooth data transfer

  • Allow data storage on reliable networks

  • Allow user to boot devices


Network & Security settings

  • Control mobile network changes

  • Enable tethering from all sources

  • Control access to Wi-Fi networks


USB Device Management

  • Allow MTP access

  • Allow user to connect the device via USB access

  • Allow user to connect USB in debuggable mode

Work profile containerization

Leverage the power of containerization to effectively segregate employees' work data from their personal data, ensuring strict control over information exchange between the two. Implement a dedicated passcode policy and seamlessly manage the work profile without compromising the privacy of the user's personal data.

Conditional Email Access

Leverage CEA to safeguard corporate data, and prevent unauthorized access to business emails. Scalefusion seamlessly supports CEA for Exchange Online and IceWarp email servers, providing comprehensive coverage for diverse email platforms.

Application management

Simplify the process of installing, updating, and uninstalling business applications on Android COPE devices, all without any user interference. Seamlessly deploy applications from popular platforms such as the Play Store, Apple App Store, and Microsoft Store remotely. Utilize Scalefusion's intuitive dashboard to effortlessly publish in-house APK, IPA, Plist, PKG, and MSI application files, ensuring convenient distribution and efficient management.

Secure. Protect. Scalefusion.

Threat-proof your Enterprise COPE/WPCO devices with Scalefusion’s comprehensive security features and safeguard corporate data against malware, unauthorized access, and misuse


Factory Reset Protection


Remote Wipe-off


Google Safety Net Attestation


Data Loss Prevention


Passcode Policy Enforcement


Certificate Management


BitLocker & VPN Configuration


Block Hardware & Navigation


Gatekeeper and Firewall



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