Remote Commands for Android

Streamline Your Android Device
Deployments with Scalefusion

Avert the need for physical site visits, as Scalefusion now enables you to run commands and manage activities on your Android devices remotely. Empower your IT teams to create and execute commands on your remote Android device fleets effortlessly.

Save On-site IT Efforts

Create remote commands via the Scalefusion dashboard and launch them on managed Android devices to perform the set of actions remotely. With Scalefusion Remote Commands you can:

Launch activity

Send a remote command that launches the activity of an installed app.

Launch service

Send a remote command to initiate a service remotely.

Send broadcast

Deliver a broadcast to other apps remotely with this command.

Install files

Install an APK file at a specified storage location and file path which remotely installs the apps on the devices.

Delete files

Delete the given file or all files in a location with remote commands.

Launch file

Open a file using the viewer available. You need to simply specify the file path and other details to execute the launch command.

Why Remote Commands?

Drive your IT team’s efficiency to its best! With Scalefusion Remote Commands IT admins can:

Seamlessly deploy remote commands and view instant outputs
Avert tedious site visits
Reduce dispensable costs
Save time invested in the on-site device management
Manage unattended devices like Kiosks and Digital Signages

Save On-site Time & Costs with Scalefusion Remote Commands