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iPad Management Software for Schools

Scalefusion iPad Management Software offers you total control over all devices, allowing you to quickly manage, control and communicate with all your students, teachers.

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iPad Management Benefits in Schools

Scalefusion iPad Management Software for school, provides a better and secure learning environment using iOS devices like iPad and iPhone that enables better and smooth communication between teacher and students.

How ipad kiosk works

Easy to Use Dashboard

Empower teachers with the powerful and intuitive dashboard - worry less about technical issues and gain back precious teaching time.

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Device Security

Scalefusion MDM allows you to remotely manage Apps, track device locations, wipe device data, and monitor internet data usage and much more.

How ipad kiosk works

Distraction-free Learning

Keep students focused and productive while using their iPad in the classroom by restricting websites, disabling hardware keys, and prevent other device misuses.

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Distribute Apps & Content in Minutes

Easily push and deploy authorized educational apps from the Apple App Store and also content on school-distributed devices.


iPad Management Software for Digital Classroom

Scalefusion MDM is designed to streamline and deliver the right balance between student productivity and mobile security. The school administrator can add, update and manage any number of iOS, devices in just a few clicks.

White List

Blacklist/Whitelist Websites

Blacklist/Whitelist specific websites and restrict students to access authorized web content.
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Device Lockdown

Turn iPad into a kiosk & Restrict students to access other apps & websites.
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Mobile App Management

Quickly search and distribute authorized apps from the Apple App Store to iPads and iPhones.
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Mobile Content Management

Easily distribute authorized content to iPads and iPhones.

Unique MDM Solution to Protect & Manage your iOS Devices

With Scalefusion MDM, managing school devices are hassle-free and straightforward thereby saving the teacher’s valuable time. We simplify mobile device enrollment, application deployment & management, content distribution, and setting restrictions on students mobile devices.