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Thousands of customers trust Scalefusion as their preferred Android EMM Solution to manage their company-owned and employee-owned Android devices and endpoints.

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Support Different Android Enterprise
Management Modes

Fully Managed & Dedicated Device

The preferred option to provision company-owned devices to suit your business needs. Iron-grip data and device security.

  • Gain total control over device

  • Remotely lock and wipe device

  • Distribute, configure and update apps

Appareils Android appartenant aux employés

Work Profile

Enable your employees to use the Android devices they love. Selectively apply policies to work containers on BYO devices.

  • Limited control over device

  • Push apps to Work Profile only

  • Keep work and personal data separate

Appareils Android appartenant à l'entreprise
Logiciel de gestion Android

Gérez n'importe quel dispositif ou terminal fonctionnant sous Android

Les entreprises modernes ont besoin de divers types d'appareils pour des cas d'utilisation variés. Gérez-les tous avec une solution unique.

Appareils Android

Téléphone et tablette

Appareils robustes et portables

Robustes et portables

Systèmes de point de vente

Point de vente

Borne interactive Android

Kiosque interactif

Signalisations numériques

Signalisation numérique

Appareils personnalisés

Appareil personnalisé

Take Control of your Devices with our Powerful Android EMM solution

Key Features of Android EMM Solution

Device Monitoring
Location and Geofencing

Monitor the current location of devices in real-time, establish geofences, and receive alerts whenever the devices cross the boundaries of the geofences.


Create detailed reports for device usage, performance, and user activity. Take data-driven actions and maintain optimal device performance.

Device Vital Monitoring

Keep track of the essential indicators of device performance, such as battery life, data usage, and storage capacity. Also, monitor any security breaches or system downtime incidents.

Remote Wipe

Erase the data from lost, stolen, or decommissioned devices remotely. In the case of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), delete the work container from the device remotely.

Robust/ Comprehensive
Prevent Factory Reset

Restrict device access to only specific Google accounts for sign-in, after factory reset.

Prevent Screenshot

Restrict BYO device users from taking work app screenshots and copying data between personal and work apps.

Speed Based Policy

Prioritize user safety by automatically locking the device if the user exceeds a predetermined speed limit.

Data Loss Prevention

Maintain strong data security by implementing comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies to safeguard corporate data.

Block Hardware Buttons

Disable hardware and navigation keys on kiosk devices.

SafetyNet Attestation

Evaluate the integrity of Bring Your Own (BYO) devices to guarantee device compatibility and security.

Data Protection on BYOD

Prevent data copying between personal & work apps.

Enhanced Device Management
Content Management

Turn your devices into digital signage. Create and publish interactive content, presentations and documents.

Email & Exchange

Assist your employees in connecting via work email by configuring email and exchange settings.

Browser Management

Prohibit access to non-business websites and configure browser settings to enhance security.

Wi-Fi & Hotspot

Facilitate remote work by providing secure internet access. Push secure Wi-Fi, hotspot and network settings.

Device Enrollment in Minutes with Scalefusion

Make Manual Device Enrollment a thing of the past with easy mass deployment process for Android devices using Scalefusion streamlined Enrollment solutions.

Android EMM Enrollment

Users can enroll devices that are out-of-the-box when the device prompts to enter your Gmail account, then enter afw#mobilock and tap Next.

Zero-Touch Enrollment

Get a fleet of devices enrolled with Android Enterprise Mobility Managed account, allowing organizations to mobilize devices with ease.

QR Based Enrollment

Enterprise Administrator can configure QR code with device policy & restrictions then send invitations via email to get devices enrolled.

Official Android EMM Partner

Successfully Deployed Millions of EMM Devices

Full device
Work profile
Dedicated device
Rugged device

Application Management Done Right with Android EMM Solution

With Application Management, you can manage and deploy applications through Managed Google Play and securely distribute in-house apps to devices using the Scalefusion Enterprise Store.

  • Managed Play Store: Distribute business apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) from Google Play Store

  • Scalefusion Enterprise Store: Publish private apps on devices by uploading Android APK on the Scalefusion dashboard


Silent, remote app installation. Schedule app publishing.


Remotely update apps to the latest version

App Config

Configure app settings suited to your business

Remote Cast and Control made Easy with Scalefusion Android EMM Solution

Avoid productivity loss due to device malfunctions by remotely diagnosing and resolving device issues, thereby reducing downtime for remote and frontline workers. Display device screens on the dashboard and take control of the screen for faster support.

Remotely manage Android Devices/ Remote Management Android Devices

VOIP Calling

Extend step-by-step guidelines to resolve device issues

File Sync

Sync device files, push or delete files and setup files

Support Tickets

Create context-aware support tickets on integrated ITSM tool

Streamline your Device Management with our Android EMM Solution

Advanced Security for your Android Deployment
Secure Android Enterprise Management

Advanced Security for your Android Deployment

Ensure the security of corporate data on Android devices utilized for work by enforcing access controls and security policies. Safeguard both company-owned and employee-owned devices. Conduct security and compliance evaluations seamlessly.

Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Enable Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on Android EMM devices and restrict device setup to only designated Google accounts following a factory reset.

Remote Wipe-off

Erase data remotely on lost or decommissioned devices, and selectively remove corporate data on employee-owned devices.

SafetyNet Attestation

Scalefusion is a robust solution that supports Google SafetyNet Attestation, enabling organizations to verify the integrity, security, and compatibility of Android devices owned by employees.

Data Loss Prevention

Enhance your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) measures by managing network and sharing settings, and restrict users from transferring data between work apps and personal apps on BYO devices.

Passcode Policy Enforcement

Strengthen the security of enterprise devices by mandating passcodes and setting criteria for password complexity and type. Specify how frequently the passcodes should be changed to ensure optimum security measures.

Certificate Management

Ensure the security of devices that operate on unfamiliar networks by uploading and distributing digital certificates that enable device authentication on Android devices.

VPN Configuration

Guarantee secure access to corporate networks and data by remotely configuring VPN on devices. Selecting either native protocols for VPN or a third-party VPN provider through the Scalefusion dashboard.

Location & Geofencing

Track Device Location and Monitor Geofence in Real-time

With Scalefusion Android EMM, businesses can track the real-time location of Android devices for better inventory management. By using geofencing, organizations with field employees can establish virtual boundaries on a map and receive alerts when a device enters or exits the designated area, ensuring that employees are present at the appropriate location at the right time.

Track device location and monitor geofence in real time

Compliance-Ready Android EMM Solution

Scalefusion adheres to industry-specific regulations such as GDPR, SOC 2, and HIPAA, ensuring the security of sensitive data and devices. You can rely on Scalefusion to maintain compliance with regulatory standards and safeguard your data.

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