Samsung Knox Management

Samsung Knox Manage with MDM for Advanced Security and Management Features

Secure your business data and streamline Samsung device management. Leverage advanced features for complete control over your device fleet.

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Scalefusion AER

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Fortify Enterprise Device Protection with Samsung Knox Manage

Scalefusion supports additional settings on Samsung Knox capable devices and enables additional security policies to enhance device security.

Device Security

Restrict device from user actions like force GPS off, factory reset and booting in safe mode for security reasons.

Disable Hardware Keys

Be more assured under scenarios where you don't want the device to perform home, back & app switch functionality.

Quick Settings

Experience enhanced device security management where you can choose which devices can transfer data via USB & Bluetooth.

Key Features of Samsung Knox Management

Scalefusion offers extended capabilities to all Samsung Knox devices apart from the native Knox features, which ensure unparalleled device security and management

Device Management

Enforce SD card encryption, allow factory reset, safe mode and OTA updates for best device security

Settings Management

Allow 'Airplane' mode and multi-window with the option of disabling edge screen and guest mode

Hardware Keys

Allow/block bottom navigation keys and volume keys based on employee roles

USB Device Management

Allow MTP access, USB access and debugging as per the required user experience and workflow

Timezone Configuration

Allow/block configuring time zone on devices depending on the use case

Language Settings

Allow/disallow changing the device language based on organizational preference

Auto Power On/Off

Power on/off a device when connected/disconnected to USB for better security

Schedule Power On/Off Time

Schedule when a device turns on and off to enable OS version updates without effecting productivity

SafetyNet Attestation

Assess device integrity for BYOD policies to ensure device compatibility and security

Still Worried About Managing Samsung Knox Devices?

Enroll Devices in Bulk With Knox Mobile Enrollment

Automate device enrollment and save on productive IT hours. End-users can simply power the devices, connect to a network and the device is enrolled into Scalefusion.

Create device policies from a cloud-based console, configure apps, websites, content and make way for bulk enrollment of Samsung Knox devices with KME and Scalefusion.

samsung knox management
samsung manage

Embrace Device Security with Samsung Knox Management

Leverage Knox platform that allows IT admins to manage devices remotely from a cloud-based console, provision enrollment of devices in bulk, configure apps, websites & content remotely.

Enroll & Start Managing Samsung Knox Devices Today

Remote Application Management

Seamless App Distribution for Samsung Knox Devices

Empower employees to accomplish work on knox devices. Power your knox device fleet with the latest business applications. Silently install applications without any user intervention.

  • Managed Play Store: Distribute business apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) from Google Play Store.

  • Scalefusion Enterprise Store: Publish private apps on devices by uploading Android APK on the Scalefusion dashboard.


Silent, remote app installation. Schedule app publishing.


Remotely update apps to the latest version.

App Config

Configure app settings suited to your business.

Manage Sansung Knox Devices Remotely

Samsung Knox Management Software
with Device Troubleshooting

Don’t lose business productivity caused by device errors. Remotely troubleshoot device issues and shorten device downtime for remote workforce and frontline employees. Mirror device screens on the dashboard and on select devices, take screen control.

samsung knox manage

VOIP Calling

Extend step-by-step guidelines to resolve device issues.

File Sync

Sync device files, push or delete files and setup files.

Support Tickets

Create context-aware support tickets on integrated ITSM tool.


Compliance-Ready MDM Solution

Scalefusion is in complete compliance with industry-specific regulations like GDPR, SOC 2, and HIPAA, providing robust protection for your sensitive data and devices. With Scalefusion, you can trust that your data is secure and meets regulatory standards.

Samsung Knox Security for Samsung Mobile Devices

Initiate cloud-based control over Samsung Devices that allows IT Admins & Business Owners to manage & configure device settings with ease.

Disable Factory Reset

Out-of-the-box Enrollment

Ensure Device Security

Custom Launcher Experience

Device Location Tracking

One App Mode

Multi App Mode

Track WiFi & Mobile Data Usage

Remote Device Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Samsung Knox Manage is a cloud-based command center that offers powerful management and security features optimized for Samsung devices. As a part of the Samsung Knox suite, Knox Manage enables businesses to deploy and manage their mobile fleet, including Samsung Galaxy devices, and even supports cross-platform environments like iOS, Windows 10, and ChromeOS.

Knox Manage is used to remotely manage, configure, and secure enterprise mobile devices. This enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution helps simplify how businesses remotely control mobile and work devices, ensuring both data security and compliance. It allows the deployment of devices into single- or multi-app kiosk modes and supports market-leading kiosk-dedicated features.

Samsung Knox provides robust mobile security, powered by a defense-grade security platform that is built into Samsung devices from the chip up. Knox security features are designed to safeguard sensitive data against malware and phishing attacks, offering a secure environment for business operations. The confidence that Knox Manage offers is backed by Samsung’s continuous updates and security patches.

The benefits of Samsung Knox MDM (Mobile Device Management) include comprehensive device management capabilities, enhanced security features, and seamless integration with Samsung’s ecosystem. Users benefit from convenient cross-access and data sync with other Knox cloud services, enterprise-grade security, and the ability to manage a diverse device portfolio from a unified business console.

The prerequisites for using Knox Manage include having Samsung devices that support the Knox platform, an active Knox Manage account, and a Knox Manage 1-year license, which is typically activated within a few hours. Businesses should ensure their IT infrastructure can integrate with Knox’s cloud-based solutions and they have the necessary bandwidth and IT remote support for ongoing management and deployment.

To enable Knox on Samsung devices, admins need to register with Samsung Knox, create a Knox Manage account, and configure their devices through the Samsung Knox portal. This involves setting up groups and profiles, deploying Knox Configure settings, and ensuring each device is compliant with security policies set by the company.

Yes, Knox Manage is Android Enterprise Recommended and Chrome Enterprise Recommended. This validation reflects its adherence to Google's strict standards for security and functionality, making it a trusted solution for managing not only Android but also Chrome devices within an enterprise setting.

Knox E-FOTA (Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air) is a Samsung service that allows IT admins to manage mobile fleet firmware updates remotely. This ensures all devices within an organization are running the latest software versions without interrupting the user experience or business operations. E-FOTA works seamlessly with Knox Manage, allowing admins to schedule updates, track progress, and ensure consistency across the mobile fleet.

Advanced Samsung Security and Management With Samsung Knox MDM