Pitstops and Location Reports

Track your Device Fleet in Real-Time

Track live movement of devices, create geofences and get detailed reports on device movement history.

Keep track of your Device Inventory

Keep Track of your Device Inventory

Scalefusion enables IT admins to monitor a device or a device group and generate detailed reports on the route taken and number of pitstops along with time stamps.

Gain Deep-Insights on Device Movements

Keep eye on the movement of all your devices. With real-time tracking and detailed analysis, you can stay informed on the whereabouts of your devices and ensure compliance with company policies.

From identifying pitstops and distance travelled, to generating detailed reports, Scalefusion MDM's Pitstop and Location Reports give you the visibility and control you need to manage your mobile workforce effectively.

    Pitstop Reports
  • The device name as displayed on the dashboard

  • The total and average distance travelled per day

  • Total and average time the device was in motion

  • Total and average number of pitstops taken by the device in a day

  • Schedule location distance reports to get periodic reports delivered to your mailbox

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