MDM for Retail

Mobile Devices are Reshaping the Way Retail Industry Works

Manage, secure and control multiple enterprise devices used in shops, stores and malls to drive customer engagement, employee productivity and an overall profitability.

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Expel your Retail Challenges with
Total Efficiency, Simplicity, and Agility

The competitive and mature retail industry is merging enterprise mobility and other digital technologies for better customer experience and improved business ROI. A powerful MDM solution can help retail businesses solve all the following challenges that arise with inclusion of mobile technology in the business:

Kiosk Lockdown

Streamline your Enterprise Devices to
Scale Up Your Business Efficiency

Scalefusion helps retail enterprises take charge of their devices and endpoints and enables executives to operate with coherence and easy access to business-critical information.

  • Single or multi-app kiosk mode

  • Business-only apps and websites

  • Public and private app inventory

Remote Troubleshooting

Boost Retail Sales & Amplify Customer Experience with Scalefusion

Quickly resolve device errors coming in the way of your retail operations. Get unattended as well as handheld devices back-to-normal within no time, and at no additional cost.

  • Mirror device screens and take device control on the admin dashboard

  • Upload, execute or download relevant files virtually

  • Provide step-by-step instructions over VoIP call

  • Generate context-aware support tickets on integrated ITSM platforms


Experience Mobile Device Management for Retail Driven by Simplicity

Digital Signage

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Don’t miss a beat. Entice your customers with audio, video and presentations running on a loop. Leverage virtual real estate to showcase product advertisements and more.


Scalefusion Delivers Results with Apt Business Benefits

Prevent unauthorized access to in-store devices. Keep your inventory data, retail apps and content secure and confidential. Protect devices from being lost or stolen with factory reset protection, location tracking and security alerts.

Bulk Enrollment & DeepDive

Strengthen Your Mobile-first Strategy for Maximum Business Profits and Minimum IT Challenges

  • Drive faster enrollment process with bulk enrollment methods

  • Create device groups and subgroups for selective policy applications

  • Offload device management with role-based access on the dashboard

‘Cha Ching’ your way to improved revenue from your retail business