MDM for Healthcare

Replace conventional operations in healthcare organizations and extend quality medical care. Manage mobility in hospitals with a secure & HIPAA-compliant MDM solution.

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Manage Clinical Mobility with

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Device Provisioning

Remote Device Provisioning,

Support mobility in hospitals by enrolling devices in bulk. Create and apply policies to Android, iOS, macOS and Windows devices.

  • Automated, out-of-the-box provisioning with Zero-touch

  • Ease of setting up devices using a clutter-free dashboard

  • Reflect hospital branding on the devices used by nurses and hospital staff

  • Enforce single or multi-app kiosk mode for healthcare devices

Monitor hospital-owned devices with Scalefusion MDM for healthcare

Application Management

Optimized Healthcare Operations, with Specialized Apps

Replace paper-pen based clinical operations and record keeping with mission-centric applications. Install, configure, update public or private medical apps on healthcare devices remotely.

  • Play for Work and Play Store for Android

  • App Store and VPP for Apple devices

  • Windows Business Store for Windows devices

  • Support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

  • Enterprise App Store for patient portal and feedback apps.

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MDM for Telemedicine Devices

Modernize MDM in Healthcare by Managing Telemedicine Devices

Improve doctor-patient connectivity, out-patient care and enable preventive care with telemedicine devices. Managing them got easier, with Scalefusion.

  • Enable round-the-clock care with telemedicine

  • Increase patient touchpoints and emergency care

  • Protect patient data on geographically distributed devices

Modernize healthcare
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Data and Device Security

Maintain Patient Data Privacy

Comply with standards such as HIPAA and ensure that the patient data is secure at all times. Maintain patient data security with utmost diligence.

  • Create and enforce complex password policies

  • Prevent data sharing between personal and business apps

  • Block screenshots of business apps and files

  • Enforce VPN and block malicious apps and websites

BYOD Management

Enable Healthcare Access Out of Hours

Empower your healthcare staff to use the devices they love. Improve healthcare access and telehealth without compromising on patient data security.

  • Apply selective policies to hospital apps on staff devices

  • Ensure containerization to segregate between work and personal apps

  • Prevent data sharing between healthcare and personal containers

  • Retire devices with remote wipe

Enable Healthcare Access Out of Hours

Experience Mobile Device Management Driven by Simplicity

Frontline Collaboration

Empower Frontline Healthcare Staff

Let your frontline staff including doctors and nurses have access to e-health records with ease. Share files in real-time, make video or voice calls to enable telehealth.

  • Push patient PHI files, presentations and documents

  • Enable quick and easy collaboration with field staff in remote areas

  • Extend support to staff over VoIP call

Empower Frontline Healthcare Staff
No Lapses in Device Operations
Remote Support

No Lapses in Device Operations

Extend support for mobility in and out of the hospitals with Scalefusion Remote Troubleshooting. Take control of attended and unattended devices

  • Access device screens via the admin dashboard

  • Take control of ventilator mounted devices as if handheld

  • Create context-aware support tickets on integrated ITSM

Achieve Compliance
for HIPAA Specified Standards

Scalefusion is certified for business associate compliance for HIPAA. Ensure no lapses in the security of Protected health information with Kiosk lockdown mode.

Optimize Patient Care with Mobility Managed using Scalefusion