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Enhance Classroom Learning With Our IFPD Management Solution

Streamline IFPD management across your educational institution by centrally managing and controlling the devices, ensuring consistent configurations, usage, branding, settings and more.

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Why Choose Scalefusion for IFPDs?

Optimize control and management of smart interactive flat panels in educational settings with Scalefusion MDM, ensuring seamless, secure, and powerful performance throughout the device's lifespan.

Kiosk Mode

Lock down your device in single app or multi-app kiosk mode

Configure Screensaver

Play business content on the screen when the device is in screensaver mode.

Push Mass Content

Send and push alerts and content across all or selected devices.

Remotely Control Device Utility

Choose to remotely shut down any device or restart the device.

Selected Network

Ensure the device runs on selected and approved Wi-Fi networks authenticated by your school.

Device Groups

IT admins can group devices based on zones, blocks or districts and configure different policies in different groups.

Level up Interactive Flat Panel Display for Classrooms and Boardrooms

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Captivate Attention and Transform Learning with Interactive Flat Panel Display

Take your IFPD experience a notch higher with flawless transition between apps, whiteboards and software within your device. Streamline content, push application updates and ensure your IFPD is ready to use with all the necessary updates deployed remotely.

Business Benefits of Scalefusion MDM for IFPD

  • Track device location in real-time.

  • Push or update content to all devices at once.

  • Remotely Install, configure, and manage applications on all devices.

  • Set up virtual geofences around the institute's premise.

  • Get advanced reports on device usage, application usage, power on or off, and more.

  • Set up kiosk mode to run specific, selected apps on the device.

Remote Troubleshooting

Using remote troubleshooting capabilities, IT teams can identify and diagnose technical issues without physically being present in the classroom. With Scalefusion MDM, admins can take remote access of the devices and troubleshoot, making the teaching experience glitch-free.

Scalefusion Dashboard
Scalefusion IFPD

Scalefusion Interactive Flat Panel Software for Education

Scalefusion MDM is an easy software solution to manage and enhance the experience of Interactive Flat Panel Displays, transforming the learning experience and giving your device a touch of your brand. Learn more about the benefits of an IFPD management solution in education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IFPDs are large, touch-screen displays that are utilized for presentations, digital whiteboarding, interactive education, and collaborative environments. IFPDs are the new-age substitutes for conventional whiteboards/blackboards or projection devices in educational and business environments, providing greater interactivity and functionality.

The operating system for interactive flat panels can vary depending on the manufacturer or even user preferences. However, commonly used operating systems for interactive flat panels are Windows and Android.

IFPDs can alter the experience of the audience making them more attentive and engaged. They offer high-quality displays that make the learning/collaborating process better visualized. Furthermore, IFPDs are highly versatile as they can be used to video-call, present, operate applications, create drawings, and more.

Smart TVs serve the purpose of video streaming via the internet without external set-up requirements. They function over Wi-Fi networks. Interactive Displays serve a multitude of functions such as updating content on the devices, a touch-screen whiteboard to brainstorm and draw, application usability, working as a mini PC, and saving and storing media.