Mobility is Revolutionizing the Education Industry

Transform the conventional way of teaching into something interactive, fun and visually engaging through mobile devices powered with an intuitive MDM solution

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Amplifying Digital Learning Experience with Mobility

Students learn faster through digitally immersive learning experiences driven by smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Digital and mobile learning processes enhance convenience, flexibility, interaction, and engagement for students as well as the faculty. Scalefusion helps educational institutions deliver safer, smarter, and more secured learning experience by taking care of all the challenges around devices, apps and data.

Android Device Management

Manage diverse Android endpoints in an education environment including smartphones and tablets to enhance learning.

  • Android Enterprise Ready

  • Single and Multi App Kiosk Mode

  • App Management for Play Store and Private Apps

  • Restrict Device Peripherals

  • Factory Reset Protection

Android MDM solution

iOS Management

Offer your students the best-in-market devices, leverage the power of iPhones and iPads for schools.

  • Supports Apple Business & School Manager

  • Single and Multi App Kiosk Mode

  • App Management for App Store, VPP and Private Apps

  • Application Whitelisting and Blacklisting

  • Custom Payload

iOS MDM solution

MacOS Management

Drive smart workplaces with Macbooks and iMacs. Reinvent learning with mac for classrooms and education.

  • Supports Apple Business & School Manager

  • App Management for App Store, VPP and Private Apps

  • Filevault and Gatekeeper for Corporate Data Security

  • Content Filtering and Parental Controls

  • Custom Settings via Custom Payload

macOS MDM solution

Windows Management

Power your e-learning with the devices students are most familiar with. Unleash the power of Windows laptops, desktops and Surface devices for business.

  • Supports Windows Autopilot Program

  • Single and Multi-App Kiosk Mode

  • App Management for Windows Business Store and Private Apps

  • BitLocker Encryption and Windows Information Protection

  • Custom Payload and Powershell Scripts

Windows MDM solution

IFPD Management Software for Interactive Learning

Manage and secure all your IFPDs (Interactive Flat Panel Displays) from anywhere in the world, running on any operating system. Remotely control your screens and perform multiple actions, including troubleshooting, content pushing, application management, access limitation, school branding, and more. Keep your devices and your institute’s productivity running at its peak.

Special Pricing Plans for Educational Institutions

  • Local Language Support

  • Onsite Support

  • Quick Deployment

  • Personalized Training

iPad Management Software for Digital Classroom

Amplia los iPads para tu uso educativo. Aprovisiona aplicaciones, contenidos y libros educativos para el aprendizaje remoto y en el aula. Haz que el entorno de aprendizaje sea seguro, Protege la privacidad y la seguridad de los estudiantes. Bloquea aplicaciones y sitios web que no son ideales para los estudiantes y Ejerce el control parental sin obstaculizar la experiencia del usuario.

Setup Your e-Learning Environment in 4 Easy Steps

Device management for e-Learning is much more than provisioning and monitoring. Go beyond the conventional learning management systems. Adopt enhanced control and management with Scalefusion MDM for Schools.

Lock devices to restricted mode

Enroll using multiple options, lock devices in safe and restricted, single or multi-app kiosk mode.

Manage Application Remotely

Install and update educational apps remotely, without any distraction to learning.

Instant Support

Provide remote support and resolve technical issues instantly.

Deliver Content Effortlessly

Publish assignments and other learning materials directly to the devices without interrupting the learning experience.

We are Reimagining the Education Space with Smarter Classrooms

Scalefusion MDM Solution for school provides a better and secure learning environment using Kiosk mode capabilities in various operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows that enable better and smooth communication between teacher and students.

Single-App Mode

Lock device in Single App Mode. Use only in-house education applications, and restrict downloading of third-party applications. Reduce unwanted distractions of students.

Single-App Mode

Lock device in Single App Mode. Use only in-house education applications, and restrict downloading of third-party applications. Reduce unwanted distractions of students.

Multi App Mode

Enables students to use multiple educational applications using the multi-app mode, blocking other applications on android devices.

Disable In-App Browsing

Create extensive safe browser settings for students by disabling unnecessary form autofill, javascript, pop-ups, cookies, and history. Configure browser apps for kiosks and shared devices.

Location Tracking

Track devices used by your students and teachers. GPS-based location tracking for devices. Create and apply geofences for school on Android and iOS devices. Detect movement when a device enters or leaves the school premises.

Deploy and Manage Classroom Devices with Ease

Deepdive App Management

Minimize Distractions and Maximize Student Engagement with Scalefusion


Application Management

Manage applications remotely. Install, Update and Uninstall Private or third-party applications from App Store, Play Store, and Windows Business store during non-school hours.


Content Management

Upload, publish, edit or delete educational content on devices. Upload text, videos, image files, or folders. Add files using an external link on the Scalefusion dashboard.


Custom Branding

Customize the devices' appearance by using your educational institutes/school logo and brand colours.


Remote Troubleshooting

Reduce device downtime by extending support in real-time. Save time on physically troubleshooting Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Resolve device issues instantly without interrupting learning.


Web Content Filtering

Ensure safe internet browsing for students. Block access to harmful/unwanted websites or restrict students to only allowed websites.


Prevent SD Card from Factory Reset

Factory reset your Android device while preserving SD card content, ensuring seamless device management without data loss.

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South Wilts Grammer School for Girls

South Wilts Grammar School Enjoys Secure Mobile Learning Experience with Scalefusion

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Device Management (MDM) for schools is used to remotely manage and monitor mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops that are utilized by students and staff within an educational institution. It allows administrators to enforce security policies, deploy applications, and control access to educational resources, ensuring efficient device usage, safeguarding sensitive data, and promoting a conducive learning environment. MDM software also facilitates device inventory management and troubleshooting, streamlining IT operations in the school setting.

In K-12 institutions, MDM primarily manages the deployment, security, and monitoring of mobile devices such as tablets and laptops used by students and staff. It ensures compliance with school policies, controls access to apps and content, facilitates device configuration, and enables remote troubleshooting and updates, thereby fostering a secure and efficient digital learning environment.

Schools need MDM solutions to efficiently manage and secure the devices used by students and staff. MDM solutions enable administrators to control device settings, deploy apps, and enforce security measures remotely, ensuring compliance with school policies and protecting sensitive data. Additionally, MDM solutions help streamline device inventory management and troubleshooting processes, ultimately enhancing the overall productivity and security of the school's digital ecosystem.

To choose the right MDM software for education, consider features like ease of use for both administrators and educators, compatibility with various devices commonly used in educational settings, robust security measures to protect student data and privacy, and scalability to accommodate the needs of a growing institution.

Additionally, prioritize solutions that offer comprehensive support and training resources for implementation and ongoing management within the educational environment. Evaluating user reviews and seeking recommendations from other educational institutions can also provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and suitability of different MDM software options.

To implement a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution in schools, prerequisites typically include having a reliable network infrastructure, compatible devices (such as tablets or smartphones), administrative access to devices for installation, and a clear policy framework outlining acceptable device usage and security protocols. Also, ensuring sufficient training and support for staff and students on how to use the MDM solution effectively is essential for successful implementation.

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