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Platforms Supported by Scalefusion

With Scalefusion, you can manage and secure Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux devices from a single dashboard. It empowers IT admins to manage and monitor various endpoints such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, VR devices, POS, and digital signages through a single management platform.

platform support

Scalefusion Differentiators: Key Distinct Highlights

Leverage the versatile capabilities of Scalefusion MDM to drive employee productivity and business performance.


Patch Management

Remotely patch OS and 3rd-party software on your Windows devices.


Unattended Remote Cast & Control

Take remote control of your unattended Windows devices and troubleshoot issues without end-user presence.


SIM Binding

Bind your Android devices to a specific SIM card and lock the device if it is removed.


OEM Configurations

Get OEM configurations directly from the device profile and push them on the managed devices.


AirThink AI

Leverage the capabilities of AI to write custom Scripts for Windows and macOS devices.



Scalefusion offers best in class 24*6 free support to every customer.

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Transform Your Endpoint Management with Efficient Pre-Migration Approach

Our three-step pre-migration process is designed to ensure a smooth transition to Scalefusion, with minimal disruption to your business operations. Our customized approach

No Hidden Cost for Training & Implementation

Experience transparent pricing models with no hidden costs. We offer systematically tiered year-to-year plans with no additional fees for setup and training.

Dynamic Solution

Customized implementation to suit business needs not sufficed by traditional MDMs such as deployments with custom-made OEMs.

Cost Effective Solution

Scalefusion offers comprehensive enterprise level features without burning a hole in the pocket.

Scalefusion is the Better MDM




Windows OS Version Support

Windows Autopilot

OS Update Management

Patch Management

Unattended Remote Cast and Control for Windows

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