Empower Your Employees To Work From Home

Enable your employees to use personal devices for work without compromising security. Ensure employee productivity and business continuity in unpredictable times using Scalefusion.

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Scalefusion for Securing Remote Working on Employee Devices

Businesses across the globe are now creating infrastructure to make sure that employees can connect and work from anywhere. Extend your work from home policies by enabling employees to use their own devices for work.

  • Turn any home laptop or desktop into a work PC with easy set up

  • Equip BYO laptops and desktops with business apps

  • Apply policies to protect corporate data from misuse and unauthorized access

  • Power your team to collaborate with a secure team communication app

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Don’t Expose Your Corporate Devices To Misuse

As employees use the corporate-owned devices from home, Scalefusion helps you to prevent the device misuse that can impact security and productivity.

  • Set up corporate devices straight out of the box and ship directly to the employees

  • Load only business apps and websites, block the rest

  • Automate updates, security checks, compliance alerts & troubleshoot issues over the air

  • Keep your team close and connected with a secure team communication app

Extend Support for Distance Learning Using Scalefusion

Schools, educators and parents across the world are focussing on providing engaging, interactive opportunities for kids to have uninterrupted education. Make distance learning available for all with Scalefusion. Lock the student devices to educational apps, prevent distractions and excess data costs.

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  • Lock iOS devices to a educational apps

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Pave Way for Improved Patient Care With Scalefusion

In difficult times, stay connected with your loved ones virtually using Scalefusion Eva Communication Suite. Extend digital devices to seniors and patients and monitor patients' health remotely. Equip your healthcare frontline workers with kiosk devices powered with healthcare apps.

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Why Choose Scalefusion for Remote Working?

Easy, Over the Air Setup

Get started within 20 minutes of sign up. Invite employees via email. No need for IT teams to individually provision devices.

Control Access

Define strong usage policies. Prevent app download on corporate devices. Support BYOD by publishing business apps.

Content Management

Push help docs, tool manuals or business content and presentations on the devices with ease. Ensure data security by preventing file copying from work to personal.

Support Communication

Help your team communicate over voice calls, group chats and messages with Eva Communication Suite. Aid team collaboration with quick file sharing and voice memos.

Support remotely

Troubleshoot hardware and software issues faster by mirroring screen devices on IT desk PCs. Create context-aware support tickets with integrated ITSM tools.

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