Zero Touch Enrollment

Android Zero-touch Enrollment With Scalefusion

Easy, secure, quick enrollment and deployment of corporate-owned Android devices in bulk for a streamlined process and improved enterprise management.

Scalefusion AER

Scalefusion は Android Enterprise 推奨です

Android 上で実行されるすべてのものをセキュリティと自信を持って管理します。当社は現在、Android Enterprise 推奨 EMM ソリューションです。

Streamline Device Provisioning With Zero-touch Enrollment

Enable IT to deploy & provision devices in bulk without any manual setup, wherein employees can immediately start using them with already-configured management, policies and apps.

Setting up Devices in Volume Has Never Been Easier!

IT Admins can implement Zero-touch Enrollment to configure and deploy corporate-owned devices and assign policies to these fully-managed devices for readymade employee usage.

Assign Devices

Zero-touch Enrollment allows IT admin to assign the devices from the Scalefusion dashboard.

Configure Policies

Set and deploy device policies without any manual device configuration.

Get Going

Start using the devices right away with pre-configured policies and device assignment.

Configure Zero-touch Enrollment From Our Web-Based Dashboard

Optimize out-of-the-box enrollment method & initiate the set up automatically right when you activate Scalefusion on the devices.

Get a Holistic Overview of All Zero-Touch enabled devices!