OneIdP Powered by Scalefusion

Connect Your Frontline Workforce to Modern Secure Access

A proactive approach to infuse security across all layers of your user identity management and authentication by offering granular settings to define conditional access rules to your devices.

What is OneIdP?

OneIdP (One Identity Provider) suite comes with OneDirectory, OneID and OneAuth, introduced to expedite user creation, authentication and authorization to guarantee secure access to your devices— all from within the Scalefusion dashboard. OneIdP will help you take your security posture a notch higher by providing you with an in-built directory service, letting you set conditional rules and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to your devices ensuring only authorized users can access the devices.

OneDirectory: Inbuilt User Identity Management

Leverage Scalefusion’s very own out-of-the-box directory service. Create users using the OneIdP domain or add & verify your own domain. Start adding users from within the Scalefusion dashboard.

  • Create custom domain identification

  • Add & verify your own domain

  • Create identities for your employees

  • Track log-in and log-off details for your staff


OneID: Login Access Management and Authentication Plugin

OneID takes verification of Directory credentials to the next level with multi-factor authentication. You can also set up OneID UI to customize login screen utility options, apply conditional policies and configure device access. This not only ensures enhanced security but also guarantees the authorized use of the device by its rightful owner.

  • Define Location and Geofence as per user

  • Set IP address range as per the user’s location

  • Authenticate only verified Wi-Fi networks

  • Set a day & time for users to access the device

OneAuth: SSO Plugin *Coming soon

The next frontier in single sign-on, assuring a revolutionary approach– making authentication highly secured yet effortless. Stay tuned for the future of secure access.


Your All in Access for Frontline Workers

A Step Towards Improved and Modernized Security


Frontline Productivity

OneIDP simplifies the way your frontline employees interact with the devices and reduces day-to-day friction in operations by shifting to passwordless authentication.


Operational Efficiency

Having an in-built Identity Provider within your MDM not only reduces costs but also reduces effort involved in user identity management. With OneIdP, you are empowered with a unique domain to seamlessly add, remove and group users directly within the Scalefusion dashboard.


Robust Security

By establishing a unique identity for your users, OneIdP helps bolster your organization’s security posture. You can view and ensure that only the authorized users are accessing the devices, even beyond the corporate boundaries.

Shared Devices & User-Based Profiles

Enable device sharing between one or more employees. Implement a shared device policy and ensure that the device access is compliant with both the user access policy and configuration policies.

  • Enable or disable device sharing within a user group or across different groups

  • Control simultaneous user logins from multiple devices

  • Force log off when any unauthorized user attempts to access a device

Shared Device

Share Devices, Not Your Corporate Settings