Automate and Streamline IT Tasks

Automate and schedule IT tasks and set compliance alerts on managed devices, without complex coding & scripting. Create a set of tasks or actions referred to as ‘Flows’ and select a time and frequency for its execution.

Why Scalefusion Workflows?

One of the biggest challenges for IT teams is to individually perform periodic tasks on the devices that are managed via a Mobile Device Management Solution. Administrators also have to conduct intermittent compliance checks on managed devices for security incidents and device performance. In traditional MDMs, automating these jobs and compliance audits requires coding or scripting which adds to the IT endeavors.

Simplify IT Tasks and Free up IT Time

Create Workflows to automate and schedule tasks as well as to set alerts. Schedule workflows for devices/device groups, irrespective of the profile configuration.

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Leverage Diverse Workflows Types for
Dynamic Requirements

Switch Profile

Set up dynamic policy applications on managed devices. Schedule profile change for devices at a particular time on select days.

Lock/Unlock Devices

Automatically lock the devices at a set time for a set duration. Lock the devices into a single app mode during the lock period.

Clear Browser Cache

Schedule to clear browser cache at a particular time and day. Available for select browsers.

Single App Mode (SAM) Profile

For Windows 10 devices, schedule a time to set devices in a group in SAM mode.

Geofence-based Switch Profile

Schedule a profile change based on geolocation. Apply dynamic policies when a device moves in or out of a geofence.

Device Reboot

Remotely reboot devices. Schedule a remote reboot for all the devices in a group at a particular time on select days.

Switch Presentation

On digital signage devices running in presentation mode, automate switching between two presentations.

Publish Apps

Automate app publishing at scheduled intervals. Select, schedule and push apps on devices and device profiles.

Clear App Data

Periodically clear app data remotely. Automate app data clearance on scheduled intervals.

Broadcast Message

Create broadcast messages to be sent across groups. Set a schedule to send the messages.

Compliance Alerts &
Security Checks
Battery Usage

Monitor the battery level of managed devices and send alerts on devices whenever the battery is lower than specified.

Security incident

Be aware of the security incident. Schedule automated emails on any security incident.

Data Usage

Set monthly data usage limits for devices. Send alerts on the devices when the data usage limit is crossed.

Inactivity Compliance

Set an allowed time for inactivity. Trigger an email for inactivity for all devices in the inventory.


Set geo-fence for devices for a specific time range. Receive alerts whenever a device moves-in or moves-out of the geo-fence.

Storage Compliance

Set a storage threshold. Automate an alert when the device storage limit is about to be exceeded.

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Unlock the entire bunch of features and capabilities offered by Scalefusion Workflows. Optimize job execution by customizing Workflows for your device fleet. Make the most of Workflows with our free datasheet for Workflows.

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