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A Clutter-Free Device Management Platform That Is Loved by Customers

Experience the simplest way to manage your devices, publish apps and ensure the security of your device and data.

Diverse Ownership Models

Single-purpose, COPE, and BYOD- set no limits to business needs

Streamlined Management

Multiple OS and device types- managed using a single dashboard.

Outstanding Customer Support

24*6 support over chat and call, Pre-sales consultation & dedicated representative.

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Scalefusion is Better at Windows


Scalefusion UEM

Hexnode UEM

Windows OS Version Support

Be it Windows Legacy or Modern devices that you use according to your organizational needs, you can manage them all.

Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 11

Windows 10 and 11 only

Windows Autopilot

Windows Autopilot allows for automated deployment and management of devices, saving IT teams from deploying each device manually and making it easy for them to manage large number of devices.

OS Update Management

Control and maintain the OS updates on your managed Windows devices. Test the updates before deployment and determine when they should be installed.

Patch Management

Identify, download, test, and deploy software updates and security patches to Windows devices within your organization. Keep all devices up-to-date in order to protect them against potential vulnerabilities.

Unattended Remote Cast and Control for Windows

Unattended Remote Cast and Control for Windows enables IT admins to initiate a remote control session on the device without the need for the user to be signed into the device.

Offline AD Integration

Integrate your offline Active Directory to import users and assign them devices. Save IT teams from manually adding and managing users.

Intel vPro® Integration

Intel vPro integration allows IT professionals to remotely access and control the PCs and devices, including the ability to power them on and off, diagnose and troubleshoot problems, and remotely update software and firmware.

Powershell Scripts

Simplify executing PowerShell scripts on all your managed Windows devices by simply uploading the script like any enterprise app and publishing it on any device profile.



Custom Payload

Deploy additional data or configuration settings on your managed devices using Windows CSP. Take custom actions on your devices or configure any software easily with custom payloads.

Looking for an Alternative to Hexnode MDM?

Why is Scalefusion a better choice than
Hexnode MDM?

Our MDM software is user-centric, crusading to help businesses generate measurable growth, improved efficiency & reduced costs with mobility.

Save Cost, Increase Productivity

Upkeep device performance to improve productivity by troubleshooting device issues remotely.

Reduced Manual IT Work

Provision devices in bulk, improve IT productivity by automating data-driven compliance checks & security alerts.

Start Managing Devices in 20 Minutes

Easy-to-use solution with a short learning curve, facilitated with an industry-leading support to ensure faster time-to-market.

Get the Industry’s Best
Customer Support

Leverage our world-class support for a successful MDM
implementation. It’s free and always will be.

Why is Scalefusion the best Hexnode alternative?

Leverage the versatile capabilities of Scalefusion MDM to drive employee productivity and business performance.

Remote Troubleshooting

Mirror Device Screens

Remotely cast device screens as appearing to the end-user to troubleshoot device issues

Take Control of the Device

Navigate the device to fix the device issues, upload, download or delete device files

Raise Tickets for Device Issues

Create tickets on integrated ITSM tool with context-aware device information

Hexnode Price Comparision

VoIP calling with Remote Cast

During a remote cast session, the IT admin can start a voice call to the end user directly from the dashboard

Workflow Automation

Create Workflows and automate them to reduce IT burden

License Resuability

A device can be unenrolled for various reasons but the license should not go to waste. It can be reused on a new device

Speed based Access policy

User safety is of utmost importance and hence, Scalefusion gives the admin the authority to control the device behavior when the movement speed exceeds the defined limit

Intel vPro Integration

Integrating with Intel vPro, helps improve device security and performance

Windows PowerShell Script

Scalefusion comes integrated with the power of Powershell Scripts which can come handy for the IT admin

Third-Party Patch Management

Patch 3rd party apps on Windows devices

Mac Advanced Restrictions

Give granular level control to the IT admin on mac devices

Windows Bitlocker

Provide enhanced security and protection to the organization with Bitlocker Encryption

Windows Advanced Restrictions

Give granular level control to the IT admin on windows devices

Custom Role Based Access

Create custom roles for admins

App Configuration for mac

Configure apps running on your macOS devices

Android Support

iOS Support

Windows Support

macOS Support

Linux Support

Android Zero Touch Enrollment

The IT admin does not have to manually configure each device and the devices come enrolled to the MDM out of the box

Home screen layout

The IT admin has the power to control the look and feel of the device home screen including background, icon size, colour and position

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Scalefusion Helps You Migrate From Hexnode

Scalefusion assigns a dedicated team to help you migrate your data and devices with ease. Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless transition without any loss of data or device-related issues. The migration process is broken down into simpler steps to make it easy for you to follow.

  • Free Migration Support

  • No Minimum Device Requirement

  • No Data Loss

  • Minimal Setup Required after Migration

  • Customized Migration Plan

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