Samsung Knox Management

Simplify and Secure Samsung Device Management With Scalefusion

Empower enterprise mobility by leveraging Samsung Knox and ensure seamless device deployment with advance security, taking device management to next level.

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Ensure Advanced Security Management & Control on Samsung Devices

Initiate cloud-based control over Samsung Devices that allows IT Admins & Business Owners to manage & configure device settings with ease.

Disable Factory Reset

Out-of-the-box Enrollment

Ensure Device Security

Custom Launcher Experience

Device Location Tracking

One App Mode

Multi App Mode

Track WiFi & Mobile Data Usage

Remote Device Support

Fortify Enterprise Device Protection with Samsung Knox Security

Scalefusion supports additional settings on Samsung Knox capable devices and enables additional security policies to enhance device security.

Device Security

Restrict device from user actions like force GPS off, factory reset and booting in safe mode for security reasons.

Disable Hardware Keys

Be more assured under scenarios where you don't want the device to perform home, back & app switch functionality.

Quick Settings

Experience enhanced device security management where you can choose which devices can transfer data via USB & Bluetooth.

Enroll Devices in Bulk With Knox Mobile Enrollment

Automate device enrollment and save on productive IT hours. End-users can simply power the devices, connect to a network and the device is enrolled into Scalefusion.

Create device policies from a cloud-based console, configure apps, websites, content and make way for bulk enrollment of Samsung Knox devices with KME and Scalefusion.

Embrace Device Security with Samsung Knox Management

Leverage Knox platform that allows IT admins to manage devices remotely from a cloud-based console, provision enrollment of devices in bulk, configure apps, websites & content remotely.

Advanced Mobile Security and Management With Scalefusion MDM