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VR Devices
Device Type
Device Make
OS Version Summary
Available Storage
Battery Availability Overview
Device Count
Password Protected Status
Security Incidents Violation Count
Sim Swaps Violation Count
GeoFence Violation Count
UnEncrypted Device Violation Count
Find my phone activated
Low Battery Compliance
Data Usage Overview
Device Connectivity Overview
Enterprise Store Space
Content Management Space
App Inventory Overview
License Count Overview
QR Code
URL Based Enrollment
Google afw (Android Enterprise)
Android Zero Touch
Knox based Enrollment
IMEI Enrollment
Serial Number based Enrollment
G-Suite Enrollment
Office 365 Enrollment
Email Enrollment
Agentless Enrollment
Apple Business Manager Enrollment
Apple Configurator Enrollment
Apple School Manager Enrollment
Azure AD based Enrollment
Windows Autopilot
User Management (Add and manage users)
Bulk Enrollment using Configuration File
BYOD QR Code Configuration
Scalefusion PreLoaded
Single/Multi App Kiosk Mode - Android/iOS
Agent Mode - Android
Create Branding
Change home screen & lock screen wallpaper
Device Groups
Bring Your Own Device Profile - Android
Work Data Settings for iOS
Sub Groups/ Multi-level Groups
Dynamic Groups
Allow/Disable website
Android Kiosk Browser
ProSurf Browser for iOS
Windows Kiosk Browser
Chrome Configuration
URL Shortcuts/Bookmarks
Advnaced Browser Settings
Restrict Factory Reset
Restrict Safe Mode
Remote Reboot
Remote Shut Down
Lost Mode for Android
Lost Mode for Apple
Manage OS Updates for iOS
Manage OS Updates for Android
Third Party App Patch Management for Windows
Certificate Management
Custom Identifiers
Scalefusion Deployer
Allow & Restrict Apps
App Management through Apple App Store
App Management through Google Play Store
App Management through Windows Business Store
Remotely Configure Apps
OEM Config In Profile
App catalog for Android
App catalog for iOS
App Catalog for Windows
Private Enterprie App Store
Private App Storage Space
200 MB
1 GB
2 GB
Number of Application Version Support
Support for External Hosting of .apk and PKG File
Set Status Bar colour
Set Status Bar Logo
Set Lock Screen Logo
Set Home Screen Wallpaper
Set Lock Screen Wallpaper
Set Lock Screen Message
Show Device Name on Status Bar
Hide Device Name on Status Bar
Show Brand Name on Status Bar
Show Native Status Bar
Hide Native Status Bar
Hide Brand Name on Status Bar
Increase App Icon Size to upto 3X
Set App Name Text Colour
Set App Label (Name) Background Colour
Set App Icon Label Colour
Set App Icon Label Transparency
Hide App Label Shadow
Browser Shortcut Branding
Show App Name
Hide App Name
Set Top Bar Transparency
App Icon Layout
Customzie Boot Logo Animation
Customize Shut Down Logo Animation
Configure Alert Sounds
Set HomeScreen Wallpaper
Set LockScreen Wallpaper
Security Incident Settings
Broadcast message
Lock/unlock devices
Buzz devices
Wifi configuration - Basic
Wifi configuration - Enterprise
Find duplicate devices
Nudge inactive devices
VPN Configuration
APN Configuration
Configure Exchange ActiveSync Settings
Configure & Manage IMAP/POP3 Settings
Configure Active Directory
Configure LDAP
Email Management through App Configuration
App Notification Settings
Scalefusion Lock Screen Settings
Capture IP Address
Password protect safe mode
Internet connectivity indicator
Password Protected Scalefusion Upgrade
OS upgrade menu option
Access root priviledges (only for rooted devices)
Auto Publish Whitelist Websites
Auto Activate newly enrolled Devices
Configure Wingman Settings
Language Setting for Android Devices
Hotspot setting
Timezone setting
Clear SD card files
Clear App data
Copy MDM Settings from one device to other
Factory reset protection (for AFW devices)
Compliance Validation using SafetyNet Attestation
Detection and Compliance for Rooted Devices
Compliance Violation Action
Custom secured browser for iOS
Device Re-Enrollment Settings
Allow Enrollment only from uploaded IMEI/Serial numbers
Allow Enrollment from configured Make/Models only
Auto Publish Latest version of applications
Application Safety Controls
Certificate Management
PKI based
Configure Windows Shutdown Settings
Configure Intel vPro AMT
APNS Renewal Notification
DEP Inactivity Notification
Invalid VPP Notification
Passcode Policy for Android
Passcode Policy for iOS
Passcode Policy for Windows
Passcode Policy for Linux/Desktop platforms
Passcode Policy for Mac
Control Ringer Volume
Control Music Volume
Control Alarm Volume
Control Screen Time out
Control Screen Brightness
Control Factory Reset
Control Boot Device in Safe Mode
Control Power off device
Control Airplane Mode
Control Guest Mode
Allow App Installation from Unknown Sources
Allow App Uninstallation and clear app data
Disable Firmware recovery (Samsung Devices Only)
Allow OTA updates
Disallow users to set wallpaper
Disable Lock Screen
Prevent In-app Browsing
Disable Emergency Call on Lock Screen
Control Multi Window
Control MTP Access
Control Peripheral Access
Allow user to use Home Key
Allow user to use Back Key
Allow user to use App Switch Key
Configure Device Time zone
Disbale Power Menu
Configure Lock Screen Orientation
Control Wifi State
Control Bluetooth State
Configure App notifications
Configure Language Settings
Define and Set Custom Properties
Configure SIM & network data Sync
Configure Wifi
Configure Hotspot
Configure Mobile Data Settings
Configure VPN
Configure App Catalog
Restrict Installation of Selected Apps*
Allow Outgoing Calls
Allow Send/Receive SMS
Allow Android Beam
Allow Adding users
Allow Removing users
Allow Adding/Deleting Accounts
Allow Adding/Deleting google Accounts
Allow Backup & Restore
Allow Mobile Network Changes
Allow Tetheroing from all sources
Allow Wifi Changes
Allow Screen Capture
Allow Camera
Allow Disabling App Verification
Allow Autofill Services
Allow Keyguard
Allow Keyguard Camera
Allow Keyguard Notifications
Allow Keyguard Trust Agent State
Allow Keyguard Unredacted Notifications
Allow Keyguard Fingerprint Settings
Hide Agent App from UI
Enable Default Notification Bar
Allow Access to Notification & Quick Action Tiles
Allow Access only to Notifications
Hide Bottom Navigation bar
Set Device in Full Screen Mode
Configure Notifcation Centre in Scalefusion Launcher
Restrict Power Off Menu
Configure SafetyNet Attestation
Allow use of Rooted Device
Set Compliance Check Interval
Set Compliance Violation Rules
Configure Speed based Access
Integration with Scalefusion SDK
Set Automatic Power On/Off
Schedule Power On/Off
Remote App Installation via Playstore
Validate using Google Play Protect
Sim Binding
Shared Device
Browser Shortcuts
Configure Notification Centre
Configure Support Messages
Remote App Installation via Private App Store
Remote App Installation using External Link
Allow Screen Capture of Work Apps
Allow Camera
Allow Keyguard Trust Agent State
Allow Keyguard Unredacted Notifications
Allow Keyguard Fingerprint Settings
Allow Configuring user Credentials
Allow Autofill Services
Allow Accessibility Services
Allow Adding Google Accounts
Allow Add Accounts
Allow Installation from Unknown Sources
Allow Installating Apps
Allow Uninstalling Apps
Allow Backup & Restore
Allow Clipboard between Managed/Unmanaged Apps
Allow work apps to open documents from personal apps
Allow Personal apps to open documents from work Apps
Allow personal apps to share documents with work Apps
Allow work apps to share documents with personal Apps
Allow work Contact's caller ID info to show in dialer
Allow App Widgets to be added on Home Screen
Allow Share Enterprise Contacts with Bluetooth Devices
Allow Work Contacts in personal contacts app
Configure Wifi
Configure VPN
Configure Location Settings
Create App Catalog
Integration with Scalefusion SDK
Remote App Installation via Playstore
Remote App Installation via APK
Remote App Installation using External Link
Allow Selected Apps
Restrict Selected Apps
Configure Single App Mode
Configure Autonomous Single App Mode
Configure Wifi
Configure Hotspot
Configure Roaming Settings
Configure Safari
Configure Content Filtering
Allow iCloud Backup
Allow iCloud KeyChain Sync
Allow Siri
Allow iCloud Document Sync
Force Siri Profanity Filter
Allow touch ID for device unlock
Allow Lock Screen Control Centre
Allow Lock Screen Notofication View
Allow Lock Screen Today View
Allow Passbook Notification
Allow Assistant while Locked
Alllow voice dialing
Allow Trust for Enterprise Apps
Allow iMessage
Allow App Installation
Allow Interactive Apps Installation
Allow App Removal
Allow System App removal
Allow iTunes App
Allow News
Allow Podcasts
Allow Music Services
Allow Bookstores
Allow Airdrop
Configure App Catalog
Defer iOS Software Updates
Configure Custom Payload
Allow Camera
Allow Screen Capture
Allow forced Encrypted backup
Allow External Configuration Profile
Allow Personal Hotspot Setting Modification
Allow Enabling Restrictions
Allow Erase Content & Settings
Allow Account Modification
Allow Device Name Modification
Allow Wallpaper Modification
Allow Connection with apple devices
Allow VPN
Allow Explicit content
Allow Bluetooth Settings Modification
Allow UI Configuration Profile Installation
Allow Files Network drive Access
Allow Files USB drive Access
Allow USB Restricted Mode
Allow Passcode Modification
Allow Opening documents from Managed to Unmanaged apps
Allow Managed apps to write contacts to unmanaged contact accounts
Allow Unmanaged apps to read contacts to managed contact accounts
Allow work documents to be shared via Airdrop
Allow opening documents from unmanaged to managed apps
Remote App Installation via Apple App Store
Remote App Installation using IPA file
Remote App Installation via VPP
Remote App Installation using Plist Link
Single-App Kiosk Mode
Multi-App Kiosk Mode
App Locker Policy
Allow Websites
Passcode Settings
Browser Configuration
Startup Configuration
User Experience
Kiosk Configuration
User Account Selection
CSP Selection
Device Management
Exchange & Email Settings
Certificate Management
BitLocker Base Settings
Startup Authentication for System Drives
Recovery Options for System Drives
Recovery Options for Fixed Drives
Configure Write Access for Drives
Windows Information Protect
Base Settings
Application Targets
Advanced Settings - General
Network Perimeter
Windows Hello
Configure Windows Hello for Business
Enforce only on Devices with TPM
Allow Biometric Authentication
Set Pin Complexity
Set Pin Expiy Period
Remember Pin History
Windows Defender
Realtime Monitor
Signature Updates
Defender Exploit
OS Update Settings
Update Sync Interval
Sync Driver Updates
Force Reboot After Updates
Schedule Updates
Auto-Update Settings
Deferral Settings
Scheduling Settings
Branching Settings
Admin and Network Settings
Restart & Notification
Delivery Optimization
Third Party Application Updates
Update Sync Interval
Update Schedule
Configure Wifi & Network
Wifi Configuration
Connection Preference
Proxy Settings
Allow Users to Configure Wifi
Wifi Sense Autoconnect
Allow VPN Connections
Allow VPN Usage on Cellular Data
Allow VPN Roaming on Cellular Data
Base Settings
Per-App Settings
Advance Settings
Proxy Settings
Route Settings
Custom Settings
Send Payload as Automatic Command
Select Conflict Resolution Method
Custom Payload
Management Settings
Remove Local Admin Privileges for Enrolled User
Auto Enroll to Modern Management
Migrate from 3-party MDM
Kiosk Settings
Show System Tray
Location Settings
Automatically Enable Location
Enable/Disable Location Tracking
Location Tracking Mode
Location Collection Frequency
Configure Location API
Scalefusion Sync Interval
Enable Broadcast Message View
USB Peripheral Settings
Policy Targets
Allowed Websites
Chrome/Edge Configuration
VPN Policy
Settings App Policies
Configure Windows Settings App
Edge Browser
Configure System Settings
Allow USB Connection & SD Card
Microsoft Feedback Notification
Modify Date & Time
Allow Bluetooth
Allow Bluetooth Pre-Pairing
Allow Bluetooth Service Advertising
Configure Start Layout Settings
Configure Display Settings
Display Timeout
Hibernate Timeout
Unattended Sleep Timeout
Allow Stand-By Device Sleep
Lid-Close Behavior
Sleep Button Behavior
Power Button Behavior
Configure Folder Settings
Configure Application Settings
Install Non Store Apps
Store App Data in Device Memory
Install Apps in Device Memory
Configure CSP Options
Disable Task Bar
Disable Change Password
Disable Log Off
Disable Lock Computer
Security & Search
Allow Camera
Allow Cortana
Allow Microsoft Account Creation
Add Non Microsoft Accounts
Allow Sync Settings Across Devices
Allow Reset Device
Allow Developer Unlock
Allow Location Services
PowerShell Scripts
Restrict Items in System Tray
Users & Groups
Mission Control
App Store
Software Update
Parental Control
Printer & Scanner
CD & DVD's
Date & Time
Security & Privacy
Desktop & Screen Saver
Siri & Dictation
Energy Saver/ Battery
Fibre Cable
Startup Disk
Time Machine
Touch ID
Internet Accounts
Wallet & Apple Pay
Language & Text
Screen Time
Classroom Settings
Apple ID
Family Sharing
Allow Game Centre
Allow Software Update Notifications
Allow App Store App Adoption
Require Admin Password to Install or Update Apps
Restrict App Store to MDM Installed Apps
Allow Safari Autofill
Allow Airdrop
External Disks
Disk Images
Recordable Disks
Eject at Logout
Allow iTunes File Sharing
Add to Reading List
Add to Photos
Add to Aperture
Video Services
Sina Weibo
Lock Desktop Picture
Allow Camera
Allow Apple Music
Allow Spotlight Suggestions
Allow Lock Up
Allow Touch ID
Allow Password Sharing
Allow Password Autofill
Allow Proximity based Password Sharing
Allow Use of iCloud Password for Local Accounts
Allow iCloud Drive
Allow iCloud Desktop & Documents
Allow iCloud Keychain
Allow iCloud Mail
Allow iCloud Contacts
Allow iCloud Calender
Allow iCloud Reminders
Allow iCloud Bookmarks
Allow iCloud Notes
Defer Software Updates
Content Filtering
Disable Siri & Dictation
Hide Profanity in Dictionary & Dictation
Configure Allowed Websites
Access to Allowed Sites Only
Limit Access to Adult Websites
Add Web-Clips to Dock
Exchange & Email
Choose Exchange ActiveSync Configuration
Choose Email Settings
Directory Settings
Choose Active Directory Configuration
Choose LDAP Configuration
Wifi Configuration
Passcode Settings
Security & Privacy
Configure Gatekeeper Settings
Allow Users to Change Passwords
Allow User to Set Lock Message
Allow Unlock using Apple Watch
Restrict Profile Removal
Enable Firewall
Block All Incoming Connections
Enable Stealth Mode
Send Diagnostic & Usage Data to Apple
Parental Control
Certificate Settings
File Vault
Enable FileVault
Choose Recovery Key Type
Prompt User to Enable FileVault
Set Bypass Attempts
Allow Users to Turn Off FileVault
Custom Settings
Send Payload on User Channel
Select Conflict Resolution Method
Custom Payload
Shell Scripts
Audit Logs
Data Usage Report
Device Inventory Report
Device Vitals Report
Location History Report
App Version Reports
Remote Sessions Report
Sim Swaps Report
Unlock Attempts Report
FileDock Analytics
Enterprise Store Report
Device Availability Report
Screen Time Report
GeoFence Logs
Battery History Report
WorkFlow Report
Connectivity History
Historical Reports
Scheduled Reports
Location Distance Report
Power ON/OFF Reports
Custom Reports
Live Support Chat
Email Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Technical Support
Force GPS always On
Force GPS always Off
Attempt to automatically enable Location
Enable Location Tracking
Disable Location Tracking
Location Tracking-Sync Time
1-3 mins
1-3 mins
1-3 mins
Location Tracking Mode
Live Tracking
Fleet Tracking
Location History Retention
30 Days
60 Days
90 Days
Location Sampling Frequency
Geo-Fencing (Circle)
Geo-Fencing (Polyognal)
Multi Geofence
Google Maps API Integration
Configure File Location Settings & Additional File Locations
Remotely push files and folders
Digital signage kiosk (Presentation Mode)
Push content as screensaver
Configure Screensaver Settings
Set Interval Time for changing content
Configure Device Orientation
Configure Play On-Demand Shortcut
Google Drive Integration for Content Sharing
Content Management Storage
200 MB
1 GB
2 GB
Remote Cast & Control for Android & iOS
Remote Cast & Control for Windows & macOS
Instant Remote Commands for Android
Offline Remote Commands for Android
Advanced Remote Support for Android & iOS
Remote Terminal for Linux