Lockdown ELD’s

Lockdown & Remotely manage smartphones or tablet electronic logging devices (ELDs) with Scalefusion

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Place your Device Fleet in Safe Hands

Comply with the ELD Mandate, track & secure your device Fleet with Scalefusion

Over the Air Device Enrollment

Enroll devices over cloud, no need to physically configure the device.

Comprehensive Policy Application

Block/allow applications & websites, apply security restrictions.

Remote Tracking & Management

Track device location, data & battery usage, monitor compliance violations.

Lockdown devices into Electronic Logbook App

Lock devices to single application- the Mobile Logbook app. Restrict usage of any other applications on the device. Save excess data costs by blocking games, entertainment & video streaming apps. Help the drivers stay focussed on the road- with Scalefusion Single App Mode.

Extensive App & Content Management

Install, update & manage the apps accessible on the device. Privately distribute and version enterprise applications using Scalefusion Enterprise Store. Load the devices with necessary business documents over the air & update as needed with Scalefusion Content Management.

Manage your ELD Tablets with Ease

Remote Management & Troubleshooting

Track device location, battery, data and storage usage of the entire inventory. Schedule periodic compliance checks & receive prompt alerts. Troubleshoot device issues by mirroring device screens as they appear to the end-user, create ITSM tickets with context-aware device info.

Over the Air Communication

Stay in touch with your driver fleet. Provide instant assistance with VoIP calling & messaging. Set up conference calls between the teams. Reduce unnecessary cellular costs by blocking non-business calls and contacts.

Gain Visibility of your on-the-move Logistics Workforce

Leverage real-time location tracking along with Geofencing capabilities to maintain a bird’s eye view of your truck drivers.

Track Locations in Real-Time

Track your truck drivers and obtain insights on their commute with Scalefusion’s location tracking feature. Leverage instant GPS-based location tracking for Android and iOS devices.

Ensure Compliance with Geofences

Create virtual boundaries around specified areas with Geofences for Android and iOS devices. Obtain compliance alerts & enforce associated security policies on employees’ devices if the geofence is overhauled.

Enhanced Security

Enforce passcode policies & secure device fleet with protection against factory reset. Remotely lock device in case of security compliance alert. Wipe-off device if stolen or misplaced.

Simplify remote management of ELDs & accelerate business benefits