Lockdown ELD’s

Lockdown & Securely Manage Electronic Logging devices (ELDs) With Scalefusion

Track your truck drivers with us. Remove the paper logs and simplify compliance with easy-to-use ELD tablets. Scalefusion helps drivers focus on the road, reducing stress and promoting safety.

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Place Your Devices In Safe Hands and make HOS Tracking Easier

Scalefusion provides features to protect your ELDs from tampering and data breaches, keeping your records accurate and secure.

Over the Air Device Enrollment

Enroll devices over cloud, no need to physically configure the device.

Comprehensive Policy Application

Block/allow applications & websites, apply security restrictions.

Remote Tracking & Management

Track device location, data & battery usage, monitor compliance violations.

Lockdown devices into Electronic Logbook App

Lock devices to single application- the Mobile Logbook app. Restrict usage of any other applications on the device. Save excess data costs by blocking games, entertainment & video streaming apps. Help the drivers stay focussed on the road- with Scalefusion Single App Mode.

Extensive App & Content Management

Install, update & manage the apps accessible on the device. Privately distribute and version enterprise applications using Scalefusion Enterprise Store. Load the devices with necessary business documents over the air & update as needed with Scalefusion Content Management.

Stay Compliant & Simplify Electronic Logging with Scalefusion

Remote Management & Troubleshooting

Track device location, battery, data and storage usage of the entire inventory. Schedule periodic compliance checks & receive prompt alerts. Troubleshoot device issues by mirroring device screens as they appear to the end-user, create ITSM tickets with context-aware device info.

Over the Air Communication

Stay in touch with your driver fleet. Provide instant assistance with VoIP calling & messaging. Set up conference calls between the teams. Reduce unnecessary cellular costs by blocking non-business calls and contacts.

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Gain Visibility of your on-the-move Logistics Workforce

Leverage real-time location tracking along with Geofencing capabilities to maintain a bird’s eye view of your truck drivers.

Track Locations in Real-Time

Track your truck drivers and obtain insights on their commute with Scalefusion’s location tracking feature. Leverage instant GPS-based location tracking for Android and iOS devices.

Ensure Compliance with Geofences

Create virtual boundaries around specified areas with Geofences for Android and iOS devices. Obtain compliance alerts & enforce associated security policies on employees’ devices if the geofence is overhauled.

Enhanced Security

Enforce passcode policies & secure device fleet with protection against factory reset. Remotely lock device in case of security compliance alert. Wipe-off device if stolen or misplaced.

Boost Efficiency & Save Time with Powerful ELD Tablets!

Frequently Asked Question

An ELD is a device for commercial vehicles that automatically records driving time and Hours of Service (HOS) compliance, replacing paper logs.

Yes, most drivers of commercial vehicles with specific weight ratings need to use ELDs by December 16, 2023.

ELDs connect to the vehicle's engine and GPS, automatically tracking driving and off-duty hours. They display HOS status and transmit data to enforcement officials.

ELDs improve HOS compliance, reduce driver fatigue, enhance safety, and simplify recordkeeping for drivers and fleet managers.

Some ELDs do track location continuously, but only authorized individuals can access data and it's mainly used for HOS compliance and safety monitoring.

Drivers must carry paper logs as backup and document the malfunction. Notify your fleet manager and repair the ELD ASAP.

Yes, some smartphone apps meet ELD requirements, but ensure they're FMCSA-certified and compatible with your vehicle.