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With Scalefusion, you can manage and secure Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux devices from a single dashboard. It empowers IT admins to manage and monitor various endpoints such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, POS, and digital signages through a single management platform.

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Why is Scalefusion a better choice than Soti MobiControl MDM?

Our MDM software is user-centric, crusading to help businesses generate measurable growth, improve efficiency & reduce costs with mobility.

Workflow Automation

Automate your workflows with Scalefusion MDM to reduce IT burden and prevent repetitive tasks.

Conditional Email Access

Scalefusion supports conditional email access for Exchange Online, IceWarp, Zimbra, and Exchange On-Premise to safeguard corporate email data.

Peripheral Control

IT administrators can control the behavior of buttons and ports on devices managed by Scalefusion to enhance security.

Scalefusion Differentiators: Key Distinct Highlights

Leverage comprehensive features offered by Scalefusion MDM to enhance employee productivity and improve overall business performance.

No Hidden Cost for Training & Implementation

Scalefusion offers straightforward pricing and does not include any hidden costs for training and deployment.

Purchase in Bulk, Activate in Batches

Activate licenses in groups to suit your deployment needs. It is cost-effective to activate licenses in batches, and the licenses in each batch will be valid from the date of activation.

License Reusability

Reuse the same licenses on new devices if you decommission or change any device.

Dynamic Solution

Scalefusion is designed to meet the diverse and constantly changing needs of businesses and their various use cases.

Free Personalized Support

Scalefusion makes it easy for IT administrators to initiate a support chat directly from the dashboard, eliminating the need for creating tickets or sending emails. Scalefusion provides free, chat-based customer support that is available around the clock and has a fast median response time of less than 5 minutes.

Ready to choose the better MDM?

Scalefusion Helps You Migrate From Sotimobicontrol MDM

With Scalefusion, you will have access to a dedicated team that will guide you through the migration process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition with no data loss or device-related setbacks. The process is divided into easy-to-follow steps to simplify the migration experience.

  • Free Migration Support

  • No Minimum Device Requirement

  • No Data Loss

  • Minimal Setup Required after Migration

  • Customized Migration Plan

A Clutter-Free Device Management Platform that is loved by customers

Experience the easiest way to manage array of devices, manage apps and content, secure devices and data with a single and simple dashboard.

Streamlined Management

Scalefusion’s unified dashboard provides easy management of all devices, regardless of the operating system, without any hassle.

Diverse Ownership Models

Scalefusion enables management of company-owned, BYO, as well as kiosk and rugged devices, from devices used by knowledge workers to those for on-field workers.

Outstanding Customer Support

Scalefusion offers comprehensive support, from pre-sales consultation to helping build technology infrastructure, onboarding existing device inventory, or migrating from other MDM solutions.

Want to know more about how Scalefusion MDM is the best choice?