Windows 10 Kiosk Mode

Turn Your Windows 10 Devices Into Kiosk Mode

Configure your favorite Windows 10 laptops and desktops for business. Run only business apps and websites with Windows 10 Kiosk mode without hampering the user experience.

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Windows Autopilot for windows 10 kiosk software

Out of the Box Device Provisioning With Windows Autopilot

Configure business apps and settings on Windows 10 devices with Zero-touch. Devices are auto-enrolled into policy settings on first-boot by the end-users.

Windows 10 Kiosk Mode for Business

Manage Windows 10 devices for dedicated enterprise use. Lockdown the devices into single or multi-app mode and make them work for your business.

Windows 10 Multi-App Mode

  • Pre-installed Applications

  • Browser Applications

  • Private/Third-party Apps

  • Win 32 Applications

Windows 10 Single-App Mode

  • Select Allowed Apps

  • Private/Third-party Applications

  • Browser Applications

  • Win 32 Applications

Lockdown Windows-Based POS Systems

Seamlessly Lockdown Windows-Based POS Systems

Remotely manage, monitor and secure Windows-based POS systems and run the devices in single and multi app mode.

Secure the Browsing
Experience for your Windows 10 Devices

Provide a secure browsing experience on your Windows 10 Devices

  • Allow or block websites

  • Configure Chrome settings

  • Block in-private browsing

  • Enforce InCognito Mode

  • Restrict browser history

  • Give users the control for their passwords

Convert Your Windows 10 Devices Into Digital Signage

Display beautiful presentations on your Windows 10 devices. Play engaging content including images and videos seamlessly.

  • Remotely load images and videos on Windows 10 kiosks via native File dock app

  • Loop the presentation continuously on Windows10 kiosks

  • Create interactive presentations using png, jpeg, jpg, gif & mp4 files

  • Use the presentation as a screensaver

Windows 10 Kiosk App for Digital Signage

Made for All Industries

Scalefusion Windows 10 Device Management Solution is being used across different industry verticals.


Simple and Secure Kiosk Mode for Windows 10 Desktops, Laptops & POS