Enhance Online Security with Intelligent Web Content Filtering

Enforcing safe browsing policies is essential regardless of how or where employees choose to work. Safeguard your organization from the data security concerns caused by cyberattacks and malicious sites with Scalefusion Web Content Filtering.

Secure & Safe Browsing from Anywhere

Scalefusion helps prevent access to harmful or unauthorized content and enforce safe internet usage policies in your organization through web content filtering. IT admins can restrict access to malicious sites that can cause data security concerns.


Website Whitelisting

Restrict users to safe and useful websites only. With Scalefusion Web Content Filtering, IT admins can configure the websites that the user gets access to and block access to any other website. Enhance user focus by eliminating all distractions caused by unrestricted browsing.


Allow employees to access the internet without worrying about data security. Block access to harmful and malicious websites with Scalefusion Web Content Filtering. Prevent access to gaming and social media sites to improve user productivity and ensure optimal data usage.


Start Managing Website Access


Kiosk Browser

Lock any corporate owned device into a browser kiosk. Limit the device to a particular website or a set of websites. Users will not be able to access any other apps or websites on the device.

Features that go Beyond just Web Filtering

Configure the user experience and browser behavior.






Location Tracking




Youtube Restrictions


Safe Search


Incognito Mode Config


Printer Management


Search History




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Frequently Asked Questions

A web content filtering solution is a tool used to restrict or control access to specific websites or web content. It is commonly employed to block harmful, inappropriate, or non-work-related sites, enhancing productivity and security in organizational and educational environments.

Web content filtering software analyzes web traffic and blocks access to sites based on predefined criteria such as URL categories, keywords, or IP addresses. It enforces browsing policies by using a database of known sites and real-time analysis.

The benefits include enhanced security by blocking malicious sites, improved productivity by restricting access to non-work-related content, compliance with regulatory requirements, and the ability to enforce organizational policies regarding internet usage.

DNS filtering blocks access to websites based on domain name resolution, while web content filtering scrutinizes the actual content of web pages. DNS filtering is generally faster and simpler, whereas web content filtering offers more granular control over specific content.

Scalefusion offers comprehensive web content filtering capabilities, a user-friendly interface, and robust security features. It supports various devices and provides detailed reporting and customization options, ensuring effective web access management in your organization.