App Catalog for Windows

All your Windows Applications
Under One Pane of Glass

Seamlessly find and install the latest versions of third-party apps right from the Scalefusion dashboard with Windows App Catalog.

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Simplify App Management and Configuration

Simplify the app management process by curating a list of applications to choose and work from. Experience a seamless way of publishing and managing applications on your Windows devices.

Discover, Install and Update with Confidence



Discover third-party apps from the Windows Business Store



Add apps to your App Catalog and install them directly



Keep apps up to date by installing updates and patches seamlessly

Simplify Windows App Management with Scalefusion

Empowering IT Admins with
Enhanced Control and Efficiency

Experience an array of benefits with Windows App Catalog. Take full control of your app ecosystem with ease.

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Streamlined App Discovery

Search and find third-party apps from Windows Business Store directly within the Scalefusion dashboard.


Simplified App Management

Add apps to Windows App Catalog, making them readily available for installation and configuration.


Customized App Configurations

Create app configurations within the Scalefusion dashboard.


Effortless App Deployment

Install apps on specific device groups or profiles from App Catalog.


Hassle-free Updates

Push App updates and patches effortlessly through the Scalefusion dashboard.

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Get Access to a Vast Library of Over 500+ Apps

Expand your app arsenal with Windows App Catalog's extensive collection of over 500+ third-party apps. Effortlessly incorporate them into the Scalefusion dashboard, enabling seamless installation of these apps across Windows devices.

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