NuovoTeam Making Team Communication Accessible To Your Non-Desk Employees

Bring your non-desk employees together. Secure team communication and collaboration with instant messaging, calling and group chats with NuovoTeam.

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Effectively Communicate With Non-Desk Employees With NuovoTeam

NuovoTeam facilitates team communication within a secure environment, enables teams to share business documents and files, and paves the way for group communication without compromising data security.

Instant Messages with Read

Encrypted messaging between business contacts

Send Files and Images

Quickly attach business documents to your message

Exchange Voice Notes

Record and send your message instead of typing

Connect over VoIP Calls

Easily make VoIP calls between business contacts

Oneteam Remote Communication

NuovoTeam for Secure Team Communication

Encrypted business chats and file transfer. No threat to your data privacy.

Group Communication Simplified With NuovoTeam Channels

Make way for improved team communication with groups chats using NuovoTeam Channels

Public Channel

Create an organization-wide channel and invite users to group communication. Users can subscribe and unsubscribe from the channel anytime.

Closed Channel

Create a team-specific channel for enabling group chats within a team. Users are auto-subscribed to the channel and cannot unsubscribe.

Limited Public Channel

Create an open channel for specific users in your organization. Users can subscribe and unsubscribe this channel anytime.

NuovoTeam Communication Suite for Corporate Communication

Share updates, mandates, and messages to the frontline workers and remote teams from HQ in real-time. Open doors for live communication from the leaders and HR teams in times of crisis. Bring the team closer and keep employees informed and engaged at all times.

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