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Make way for productivity with efficient team communication. Help your teams collaborate with Oneteam.

Encrypted messaging between business contacts

Quickly attach business documents to your message

Record and send your message instead of typing

Easily make data calls between business contacts

Set up quick conference calls for 2-6 employees

Build Strong Conversations with Remote Teams with Oneteam

Bring employees without an email ID in your communication loop. Provide pre-populated business contacts on devices.

Oneteam for Secure Team Communication

Encrypted business chats and file transfer. No threat to your data privacy.

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Engage Your Frontline Workers with Oneteam

Your frontline workers and field forces spend lots of time outside conventional office spaces. Make sure they don’t miss out!


Power through difficult times. Keep in touch with your frontline healthcare staff

Last-Mile Delivery

Improve efficiency of delivery executives. Block non-work calls to save on cellular costs

Logistics & Transportation

Stay compliant with mandates and regulations.Extend documents and resources with fleet drivers

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Secure Communication


Contact Management


Channel Management

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