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iOS Mobile Device Management Software for iPad and iPhone

Quickly provision, secure and manage company-owned iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPad Pro. Scalefusion MDM for iOS supports varying device use cases across small business, schools and growing enterprises.

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Secure & Powerful MDM for iOS Devices

Leverage a wide range of features to expedite iOS device management. Protect corporate data and prevent device misuse.

Single App Mode

Turn your devices into a kiosk. Lock the iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone to a single app.

Multi App Kiosk Mode

Allow access to the specific set of apps and restrict access to all other apps.

Web Filtering

Blacklist/Whitelist specific websites and restrict access to unwanted web content.

Email & Exchange Settings

Enable quick access to work email. Push email and exchange settings.

Network Settings

Configure Wi-Fi network, hotspot and data roaming settings.

Location Tracking

Track device location. Create geofences for enhanced monitoring.

Disable Hardware Keys

Disable hardware keys such as Volume Buttons and system apps like Camera, Siri, etc.

Lost Mode

Recover lost assets using Lost Mode without an Apple ID.

Custom Payload

Custom Payload lets you build your own policy using the Apple MDM Protocol.

Certificate Management

Push digital certificates for authenticating connections to enterprise Wi-Fi.

Work Data Settings

Prevent data sharing between work apps and personal apps.

iOS Software Updates

On supervised devices, delay OS updates between 30-90 days.

iOS MDM Software with Flexible Device Ownership Types

Bring Simplicity, Security and Support to iOS Device Management


This is ideal when you allow employees to use their personal iPhones and iPads for work.

  • Push business apps and content

  • Selectively wipe-off work apps

  • Prevent copy from work to personal apps

 BYOD iOS Management


This is ideal when your company provides iPhones and iPads to your employees for work.

  • Have full device control

  • Track device location

  • Equip with business apps, block the rest

Corporate Owned iOS Management

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Turn your iPad into kiosk with iPad MDM solution

Support diverse range of enterprise and educational use-cases. Scalefusion MDM for iPhone & iPad supports supervised mode, allowing you to have enhanced control over the device. Explore different capabilities of iOS MDM Solution.

  • Single App Mode: Lock the device operations to a single app. Prevent access to hardware keys, block navigation and turn the device into a business-only device.

  • Multi App Mode: Configure two or more apps or browsers to run on the device. Prevent access to any other apps.

  • Company Branding: Reflect your company branding on iPad kiosks. Customize home screen and lock screen wallpapers.

Simplified Enrollment To Deploy Your iOS Devices at Scale

Provision iPhones and iPads straight out of the box using Apple Business Manager (formerly Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Enable your employees to use their devices out of the box without intervention from the IT team.

Import users from G Suite and Office 365 and quickly onboard devices on the Scalefusion platform. No deployment is too big – or small.

iOS MDM Solution
iOS app management
Application Distribution & Management

Apps for Your Business, Delivered With Ease

Enable your workforce to do more with relevant business apps on iOS devices. Install, configure, or uninstall applications from the Scalefusion dashboard.

  • Apple App Store: Select, configure and push applications from the App Store.

  • Volume Purchase Program: Drive bulk app publishing using Apple VPP.

  • Scalefusion Enterprise Store: Install private apps by uploading PList link or IPA file.

App Configurations

Select, configure and push applications from the App Store.

Installation Status

Drive bulk app publishing using Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

Silent Installation

Install private apps by uploading PList link or IPA file.

App Catalog

Give control to users and allow them to install apps on the devices when they want to.

iOS app blacklisting

Application Blacklisting for Distraction-Free Work

Restrict usage of non-business apps on the devices. Blacklist the apps that do not fit your enterprise security profile.

iOS MDM Solution with Remote Cast

Never Let Device Downtime Come in the Way of Productivity

Don’t lose business productivity caused by device errors. Remotely troubleshoot device issues and shorten device downtime with Scalefusion Remote Cast. Seamlessly support remote working, learning and frontline workforce with ease.

remote cast in iOS

Faster Issue Resolution

Quickly resolve device issues of remote iOS devices.

Take Screenshot

Capture device screenshots when the device session is in-process.

Create Support Tickets

Integrate ITSM platform to create context-aware support tickets.

Experience iOS Mobile Device Management Driven by Simplicity

iOS Mobile Device Management

Make Security Your #1 Priority

When your iOS devices are helping out accomplish multiple tasks, don’t expose the corporate data lying to malware attacks and misuse. Apply strong security settings and access control policies policies. Protect corporate data on lost and stolen devices with remote wipes.

Pave the Way for Digital Learning With Scalefusion MDM for Education

Extend iPads for educational use. Provision educational apps, content and books for remote and classroom learning. Make the learning environment safe, protect student privacy and security. Block apps and websites that are not ideal for students and exercise parental controls without hampering the user experience.

Other Industries


Deploy iOS devices for knowledge workers such as designers and developers within your enterprise.


Put your best foot forward. Extend iPad POS for retail for enhanced customer experience.


Power your frontline healthcare staff with iPhones and iPads equipped with healthcare apps.

Support the Entire iOS Device Management Lifecycle

Device management is much more than provisioning and monitoring. Go beyond the conventional iOS management. Extend enhanced control and management with Scalefusion iOS MDM solution.

Enrollment and Configuration

Apple Business Manager DEP & QR Code Enrollment
Email Based Enrollment
Azure AD User Enrollment
Wi-Fi & Certificates Restrictions & OS Update

Security and Control

Password Policies
Security Settings
Single App Mode
Lock Device
Wipe Device

Application Management

VPP Apps
Custom Apps
AppConfig Support
Application Version (Custom Apps Only)

End of life/
Retire Devices

Remove Enrollment
Wipe Device

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Frequently Asked Questions

iOS Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a framework provided by Apple for controlling and managing iOS devices in an enterprise or organizational environment. MDM allows administrators to remotely configure, monitor, and manage a fleet of iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, from a centralized management console.

iOS MDM and iOS MAM are two different approaches to managing and securing iOS devices and applications in an enterprise or organizational setting.

iOS MDM Software focuses on managing and securing the entire iOS device, providing comprehensive control over settings and configurations. On the other hand, iOS MAM is application-centric, focusing on securing and managing individual applications and the corporate data they contain without the need for full device control or enrollment.

To access device management settings on iOS, follow these steps:

- Open the Settings app on your iOS device

- Scroll down and look for the General option. Tap on it to proceed.

- In the General settings, you should find an option called Device Management or Profiles & Device Management Tap on it.

- If there are any device management profiles installed on your device, you will see them listed on this screen.

- Tap on a specific profile to view its details and the management options associated with it.

To determine if your iOS device is managed, you can check for the presence of device management profiles or look for indicators of management. Here's how you can check if your iOS device is managed:
- Open the Settings app on your iOS device

- Scroll down and look for the General option. Tap on it to proceed.

- In the General settings, check if there is an option called Device Management or Profiles & Device Management. If you see this option, it indicates that your device is likely managed. Tap on it to view the profiles installed on your device.

- If there are any device management profiles installed on your device, you will see them listed on this screen

- If you find any device management profiles listed, it confirms that your device is managed

iOS device management is important for several reasons, especially in enterprise or organizational environments. Here are some key reasons why iOS device management is significant:
- Device Security

- Compliance

- App & Content Management

- Remote Support & Troubleshooting

- Productivity

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