Simplify Team Collaboration With Secure Instant Messaging Application

Enable your workforce to exchange messages, files, documents and communicate over VoIP calls with Oneteam Instant Messaging App.

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Oneteam Instant Messenger

Facilitate collaboration between remote workforce with an instant messaging application.

Exchange text messages

Device users and tool admins can send and receive text messages to and for their enterprise contacts and teams.

Send images, voice messages, files

Administrators and device users can attach images, record and add voice notes or any files to the messages.

Get read receipts

Enforce read receipts. Always know when the message has been successfully sent, received and read.

Connect over VoIP Calls

Easily make VoIP calls between business contacts

Bring Teams Closer With Oneteam Channel Management

Facilitate organization-wide communication with open channels. Create public or closed channels to help teams collaborate. Usher in group communication with device group channels.

  • Admins can invite users to subscribe to the channel

  • Users can exchange information and share files

  • Admins can turn any channel into a read-only channel

  • Admins can deactivate or delete a channel anytime

Public Channel

Users can subscribe or unsubscribe from the channel anytime.

Closed Channel

Users are auto-subscribed and cannot unsubscribe from the channel.

Limited Public Channel

Channel is visible only for select users. Users can subscribe or unsubscribe anytime.

Broadcasting Channel

A read-only channel is created for broadcasting an announcement or an update.

Instant Messaging Application That Simplifies Collaboration