Security Settings

Security Settings feature allows you to control certain set of features on LG/Samsung devices having GATE or KNOX support respectively. Only if your devices have these SDK's, you will be able to use this feature on your devices.

To activate security settings:

  1. Click on Enterprise -> Secure Settings

  2. On the right hand side of the dashboard, you will see all the GATE/KNOX supported devices. Only these devices will have Secure Settings feature.

  3. To activate this feature, click on Activate button under Activation Status section or you can choose to activate all devices at once by clicking on ACTIVATE ALL button.

  4. Once you perform the above step, the selected device or all the devices as per option selected by you in previous step will receive a notification message. On the device notification, click on Activate button.

  5. Once you click on Activate button on the device. The device’s Activation Status on the dashboard changes to Active

  6. Click on the setting icon against the device name or you can select the device and click on GLOBAL SETTINGS button.

  7. On the new window, select the setting you want to enable/disable by clicking on the button against the setting name. Move the button to the right to enable or towards the left to disable the setting.

  8. Once done with the above step, click on SAVE SETTINGS button.

You have successfully activated the Secure Settings on the Device(s).