Security Incidents

Security Incidents is a Scalefusion feature which notifies the admin whenever there has been an event of forceful exits or SIM card change on the device. the admin will get a notification in form of logs on the security incident screen, if the user tries to exit Scalefusion from the device by entering wrong Exit passcode more than 3 consecutive times and if the user changes the SIM card of the device.

To see the Security incidents

  1. Go to Enterprise -> Security Incidents.

  2. You will see a window as shown below Click on ENABLE SECURITY INCIDENTS to enable the feature.

  3. Once you enable this feature you will be able to see all logs of the user trying to exit Scalefusion from their device with wrong exit passcode more than 3 times, as shown in the image below.

  4. Note: You will see the user’s image only if the user’s device has a front camera.

  5. You can also see the logs if a user changes the SIM card of the device in SIM SWAPS option.