Remote Cast & Control on Rooted Devices

Remote Cast and Control feature allows the admin/group admin to remotely view and control the device’s screen in real time. This gives the admin, remote access to the registered devices and troubleshoot any issues with the devices which are on the field used by agents or are as standalone kiosks. You can also take the screenshots and lock/unlock the devices from dashboard.


This guide contains instructions for installing, configuring RemoteCast App and initiating Remote Cast & Control session on Rooted Android devices.


  • This feature is supported on Rooted Android devices running Android 5.0 and above.

  • Your device should be upgraded to the latest version of MobiLock Pro and RemoteCast app.

  • Wifi connectivity gives superior experience for Remote Cast & Control sessions.

  • Ensure the RemoteCast app is installed on the devices which can be done from the MobiLock Pro Dashboard > Enterprise Store.

Setting Remote Cast & Control

This section includes recommendation for SuperSu and detailed procedures for installing the RemoteCast app, configuring SuperSu for RemoteCast, and initiating remote control session from the dashboard.


MobiLock recommends SuperSu to manage your root permissions. Ensure that you use latest version of SuperSu and it is been installed on your device.

Note: Ensure Supersu is enabled within MobiLock Pro, though not visible, to access the prompt.

Installing RemoteCast

This section includes the steps to install the RemoteCast app within the device.


  1. Login to MobiLock Pro Dashboard and click Enterprise > My Apps.

  2. Select RemoteCast and click PUBLISH.

  3. Click PUBLISH APK on the right-hand side panel.

  4. Select Device Groups, Device Profiles, or Devices according to the requirement and click PUBLISH as shown in the image below.

Configuring RemoteCast App

You can configure the RemoteCast app which is silently installed within the device on MobiLock Pro.


  1. Once the app is installed on the device tap RemoteCast.

  2. Click Grant Permission.

    1. Grant Permission for Record Audio to share the screen.

    2. Grant Permission for Draw Over Apps to show a STOP button on the app when a screen sharing session is active.

    3. Grant Permission for allowing remote control to work. You use this option only if the device is rooted and SuperSu is installed. A SuperSu message will be displayed to grant permission to RemoteCast.

  3. Toggle Allow permission. This permission allows an app to show things on top of other apps you may be using. This interferes with the usage of other apps which you may be using.

    The app is ready to connect with MobiLock Pro for remote access.

  4. Tap GRANT, this allows to grant full access to all device features.

Configuring SuperSu for RemoteCast

You have to make settings for authentication process and, then set the RemoteCast app within SuperSu environment.


  1. Click Re-authentication checkbox and make it uncheck

    Note: The above settings will be removed if the MobiLock Pro app is upgraded. So to avoid this enable the Re-Authentication setting, under the Settings tab.

  2. Tap RemoteCast and change the settings of Notifications from Global default to Disabled which appears as shown below.

  3. Tap Done to save the settings as shown in the image below.

Initiating Remote Control Sessions

Goto MobiLock dashboard to begin the remote control sessions and start taking control over the device.


  1. Click Remote Cast & Control in MobiLock Pro Dashboard. Select the device on which you want to initiate remote control sesion.

  2. Click START SESSION as shown in the image below.

  3. You will see the screen with Waiting to start the session message on the system. Click on Start Session under the Session Details panel.

  4. On the device tap OKAY.
    Note: The device displays a message for Android Security purpose and end-user has to accept a remote session

  5. Click Start Now and then the remote control session will start.

    • You can select Don’t show again, this allows to take remote sessions without end-user interference.

    • You are setting up a fresh device, we would recommend doing this step before handing off the devices to your field-force.

  6. After completion of steps as mentioned above (Step 1 to 5), the current active screen of the device is visible on the dashboard.

  7. Click Stop Session on MobiLock Pro > Remote Cast & Control to stop the end the session. You can end session on device screen as shown in the image below.

Additional Features

You can access features such as capturing screenshots of the devices and unlocking or locking the device. These features are displayed top- right corner in the Session Details panel. You can allow the device user to stop the session by toggling the Settings option in the panel.