Remote Cast Enabling Voice Call

Remote Cast with voice calling functionality allows the administrators to initiate a voice call from the MobiLock Dashboard. The voice calling feature is available during an active session and this facilitates the admin to assist the user on field via a voice call.


The purpose of this document is to provide a simplified procedure for making a voice call.

Before you begin

  • This feature is supported only on devices running Android 5.0 and above.

  • Your device should be upgraded to the latest version of MobiLock Pro and RemoteCast app.

  • Wifi connectivity gives superior experience while initiating a voice call from MobiLock Pro Dashboard.

References to install and configure RemoteCast

Installing RemoteCast App

Installing RemoteCast for Rooted Devices

Grant Permission

  • After installing or Upgrading RemoteCast on the device, please ensure you have granted the permissions as shown.

  • On the Browser, make sure you allow the microphone permissions which appears within the browser.

Initiating Voice Call

Go to MobiLock Pro Dashboard to begin the session and start making a voice call on the device.


  • Click Remote Cast & Control in MobiLock Pro Dashboard. Select the device on which you want to initiate a voice call and then click START SESSION.

  • Activate the Enable Voice Call by toggling the option in Session Details > Settings which allows to make a voice call.

  • Click on Start Session under the Session Details panel.

  • Click Allow on the dialog box to allow the usage of microphone while you are starting a voice call from the dashboard. The system displays following pop-up message.

  • Click CALL on the MobiLock Pro Dashboard as shown below.


    If the microphone permission is disabled then an error message occurs which is shown below.

Allowing or Blocking Microphone Usage

A dialog box appears on the browser when you enable the voice call from the dashboard.

  • Allow: This allows the usage of microphone for making a voice call from the dashboard.

  • Block: This blocks the microphone access from the dashboard.

    If you click Block, then you can make changes in the browser settings to Always allow to access your microphone.


    The microphone access message and the settings varies with different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, and Google Chrome.

Different status while calling the user

  • RINGING: The call is dialled and it is ringing.


    To end the call you can click RINGING.

  • MUTE and HANG UP: This shows the call is connected to the device and communication with the user is continued. You could mute in between the conversation. You can end the call by clicking HANG UP under Call Options.

  • REDIAL: You could redial the call if it is rejected.

  • If the call does not connect within 30 secs, then the call is dropped automatically.

  • Ensure the network is not weak on the device else the call does not connect.

Call Status on the Device

  • Calling on RemoteCast: Once the call is initiated from the dashboard, a user receives the voice call as shown in the image.

  • Call is in progress: The call gets connected and the user can mute the conversation or put the speaker phone active. You can tap red icon to end the call as shown below.