If you have the device passcode, you can manage your applications – block/unblock apps – from your device itself, with the following steps:
    1. Launch MobiLock Pro on your device.
    2. Go to menu, on the upper right hand corner, as shown below, and click on Settings.
    3. Enter your Passcode, to know more about passcode refer to Passcode help.
    4. You will see a list of settings, select Manage apps, as shown.
    5. You will see the list of applications available on the device, those with a green tab to the left indicate that they are already authorized (see below).
    6. If you wish to enable ALL applications, click on the checkbox next to Select All, then click Save Selected Apps.
    7. If you do not wish to select all applications, tap on the application you’d like to authorize to select it,
    then click Save Selected Apps.
    8. To unselect/un-authorize a selected app, tap on it again.
    9. Press return, the selected apps should appear on the home screen.
You have successfully managed applications from your device!