Locations & Geofencing


The location tracking feature helps you to determine and track your device’s precise location, and hence that of its carrier. This feature gives you a detailed information about the device like the Date and Time, Latitude / Longitude and the Location.

To find the Locations of your devices please follow the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your account, click on Locations & Geofencing on the left of your dashboard.

  2. Select a group from the drop down menu on the top or search for any particular device on the top right you wish to track.

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  4. After you’ve selected the group / device click on any of the location marked on the map and you’ll see the info bar at the bottom. Click on Show more details to find the details of the device locations.

  5. You can now select the time frame from the drop down menu and simply click on the Latitude / Longitude shown below and it will show the location on the map shown below.


A geofence is a virtual barrier. This feature allows you to set up triggers so when a device exits the boundaries defined by the administrator, an email alert is sent.
To set up Geofence for a particular device or group, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your account, click on Locations & Geofencing on the left of your dashboard.

  2. You’ll see the page as below: Search for the location you want to save as a Geofence. Adjust the radius as per your requirement.
    Note: The radius should be more than 500 meters.

  3. You will be sent a log on daily basis of the devices moved in/out of the Geofence through email.

  4. Click on SAVE to save the settings.

  5. After you’ve saved your required parameters, it will show you more options like UPDATE, APPLY GEO FENCE, PUBLISHED STATUS AND REMOVE GEO FENCE.

    1. You can Update the Geo fenced location and save.

    2. Apply the Geo Fence to the desired device or group.

    3. Published Status gives you additional information about the device.

    4. You could also Remove the saved Geo Fence.

  6. To apply Geo Fence to the desired device or device group click on APPLY GEO FENCE.

    1. You will then see the page as shown below, Select your device or device group from the list and click APPLY

  7. You have successfully saved the GEO FENCE for your Device or Device Group!