Remote Cast

This is an add-on feature which is payable after the trial period.

Under Enterprise Store/Add-on Apps, you will see the Remote Cast App, which you need to install in your device to perform the mirroring feature. This feature is only available on the Android OS version 5.0 and above. Also, please make sure that the devices have the latest Scalefusion version.


  1. Remote Cast will be displayed under the Remote Cast and Control menu on the dashboard.

  2. After installation of Remote Cast App on the device, device will be displayed in the Remote Cast list.

  3. App needs to be open on the device for First time authentication.

  4. Press Start Session from the dashboard to see the Remote Cast device details and start Remote Cast with the device (Will show an error message if app authentication is not done)

  5. Start Session button will send Push to a device to initiate Remote Cast.

  6. On a device, after receiving push it will initiate connection with dashboard & will ask for some permission.

  7. After permissions dialog, Remote cast will be started.