Location and Geofencing

How do I enable location tracking?

The location tracking feature helps you to determine and track your device’s precise location, and hence that of its carrier.

To enable the Location Tracking option.

  1. On the dashboard, go to Utilities section.

  2. Click on Global Settings.

  3. Enable the second option under Enable/Disable location tracking.

  4. Click on Save Settings.

I am not able to see my device on the map in location. How to force GPS on?

To enable the Force GPS always on option.

  1. Click on Utilities → Global Settings.

  2. Enable the toggle button under Force GPS always on.

  3. Click on Save Settings.

What does Geo-fence do?

A Geofence is a virtual barrier. This feature allows you to set up triggers so when a device exits the boundaries defined by the administrator, an email alert is sent.

How to create a Geo-fence?

  1. Click on Location & Geofencing on the dashboard.

  2. Now, click on Geofencing, you will see an option “New Geofence” on right hand side.

  3. Allow the browser to know your location by enabling on the “ALLOW” option, as shown below.

  4. Click on the button New Geofence and you will see the following screen shown below.

  5. After the above step, a new window will appear, here, you can name this Geofence, as shown below.

  6. Now, save the geofence by clicking on “SAVE” option.

I cannot see my devices on the dashboard.

This may happen if the license is not applied on your devices’, so the devices do not show under registered devices section.

How to apply licenses?

What if the user has a trial period?

Devices are visible during trial period, however, if the trial period has expired then the user will not be able to access the dashboard as well.

Device location is not updating- what could be the reason?

Perhaps, it would be possible that the GPS is not enabled, or device is not connected to internet, or location settings are not set under Utilities--> Global settings.