Enterprise store

How to publish app updates to the devices?

To update an App

  1. Click on Enterprise→ My Apps

  2. Select the app that you want to update.

  3. Click on the APK, then click on the three dots

  4. Now, select the Update option

  5. OR

    • Click on Publish.

    • A window appears on your right, click on UPLOAD APK

  6. You will see a new window as shown in the image below, Select the new version of the APK from your computer by clicking on BROWSE FILES.

  7. Once the upload is complete you will see a new window as shown in the image below, Select the Device Group(s) or the Device(s) you want to publish the Update to and click on PUBLISH.

  8. Once you click on publish the devices automatically downloads the APK’s on the devices

  9. Click on the App icon and you will be shown an Update message, click OK.

Note: Supported devices i.e Samsung devices activated with KNOX, LG devices with LG GATE and Sony devices with Sony SDK will receive silent updates, for the other devices, user interaction will be needed.

You have successfully updated an App!

What is the use of the Add-on apps available in the Enterprise Store?

Scalefusionvides various standalone apps called as Add-on applications. They enhance the experience on user’s devices and provide extra features that are not bundled with the core app.

MobiLock Bluetooth Manager

It works the same as Device's Bluetooth! You can connect/disconnect to any Bluetooth Device, Enable/Disable the Bluetooth on the device etc.

EVA - Communication Suite

EVA Communication Suite has powerful features like Business Messenger with VoIP Calling, Contacts & Call Management and Account Notifications. It allows you to have two-way chats with your field force and co-workers who are using mobile devices that are locked with Scalefusion.

Remote Cast and Control

Remote Cast and Control feature allows the admin/ group admin to remotely view and control the device’s screen in real time. This gives the admin, remote access to the registered devices and remotely troubleshoot any issues with the devices which are on the field used by agents or are as standalone kiosks.

MobiLock LG Guard app

The MobiLock LG Guard app enables additional control over supported LG devices like silent app installation/ uninstallation/ update. The Admin can remotely reboot the devices, disable hardware keys like home key, back key and recent app key and can also configure USB settings.

How to upgrade Scalefusion on the devices?

There are two ways to upgrade Scalefusion

  1. From the dashboard

  2. From the device

On the dashboard

  1. Click on Enterprise Store → My Apps on the left sidebar on your dashboard.

  2. Click on the Scalefusion APK

  3. Click on the Publish APK button on the window that appears on the right side.

  4. Once you are done with the above step, you will see a new window as shown in the image below, select from the Device Group(s), Device Profile(s) or the Device(s) you want to publish the Update to and click on PUBLISH.

  5. Once you are done with the above steps, you will see the following screen as shown below.

You have successfully upgraded the new version of Scalefusion app on the device(s).

On the device

Steps to upgrade Scalefusion app on the device itself

  1. Launch the Scalefusion app on the device

  2. Tap on the Upgrade button on the right, as shown below

  3. Next, tap on the Install button to start the upgrade.

  4. Note: If you tap on the Cancel button, you will have to repeat the steps.

  5. After the MobiLock App is upgraded, you can choose any of the options to and continue to use the app.

You have successfully upgraded the MobiLock app on the device!