Device Group

The Device Group feature allows you to organize your devices into groups.

Create a Device Group

  1. Go to the Device Group tab into your dashboard and click on CREATE NEW GROUP.

  2. Enter in the device group name and click on SUBMIT.

  3. Now you will see a page as shown below. Select your devices you wish to add to the group.

    1. You could also add the device profile and group admin to the group.

  4. Go to the CHOOSE A DEVICE PROFILE tab to add any admin to the group.

    1. Search for a profile in the search tab or select it manually.

    2. The information for the selected profile will be shown on the right.

    3. Also you get a preview of the selected profile on the tablet on right.

  5. Now go to the ADD ADMIN tab to assign a group admin.

    1. Choose your preferred admin if you wish to assign and click on CREATE DEVICE GROUP.

  6. You will see the new Device group created on the dashboard in the device group tab.

  7. Note: Group name should be 5 or more characters. Group name should be unique. 1 device cannot be added to more than 1 group. A group can have multiple group device admins but a device admin cannot be a part of more than 1 device.

    You have successfully created a New Device Group!