Blocking/ Unblocking an Application

Block/Unblock refers to the applications you authorize on a device. Once you’ve added a device to your account, and Scalefusion is active on it, you can select which applications will be allowed on the device. When you block an application, it will no longer be accessible on the device, while Scalefusion is running. When the application is unblocked, it is visible and accessible on the device.

Blocking/ Unblocking an Application

To manage the applications on your device, follow the given steps:

  1. Click on Devices tab on the left of your dashboard and you will see all of your devices listed.

  2. Click on VIEW DETAILS on the device you wish to manage.

  3. You will now see more details of the device, with the last locations on the right. Scroll down below and you will see the list of applications available on the device.

  4. In the right hand corner of the tablet shown, you can either choose to see only the unblocked applications or click on the grid to see all available applications (Marked in red).

  5. Click on any of the applications you wish to authorize, and the app details will appear on the right hand side panel, as shown below.

  6. From this panel you can choose whether to enable the application, or not.

  7. To unblock (authorize) an application, click on the Slider next to Enable Application from the right hand side panel, and choose whether or not it will be visible. You can also choose whether you would like to set this app as the default application, as shown in the image below.

  8. To block an application, click on the application, and click on Slider next to Enable Application from the right hand side panel,

You have successfully managed your applications!